15 minute workouts

TRX 15 minute metabolic workout with Basheerah

15 Minute TRX Metabolic Workout With Basheerah

TRX expert, Basheerah Ahmad, has a metabolic boosting suspension workout that will kick your metabolism into gear. This 15 minute TRX workout is super effective and will burn calories fast, increasing your heart rate and decreasing your waistline. Designed for all TRX user levels, these exercises can be modified to…

TRX 15 minute lower body workouts with Basheerah

15 Minute TRX Lower Body Workout With Basheerah

TRX expert Basheerah Ahmad has an excellent 15 minute suspension workout that will work your lower body. These exercises target your butt, leg and hamstrings shaping and toning your lower body. These suspension exercises are very effective that will give you a good burn and are suitable for any level….

TRX 15 minute workouts with Basheerah

15 Minute TRX Core Workout With Basheerah

Glad to have a new Core Workout for you to add to Jay Cardiello’s workout that we added a few days back and this time we have a lovely lady and TRX expert Basheerah Ahmad. Basheerah has set of 5 suspension exercises that you will do for two rounds for…

15 Minute TRX Core Workout

TRX trainer expert Jay Cardiello has an excellent 15 minute TRX workout for your core that will give you stronger, leaner abs. These exercises are perfect for any level and will give your mid-section a very good burn and fire up your core. TRX is the only workout equipment that…

trx weight loss workout

15 Minute TRX Weight Loss Workout

If you want to kick start your metabolism and get your fat-burning mechanisms into gear, TRX expert trainer, Jay Cardiello has an excellent 15 minute suspension workout for weight loss that you must try. This workout consists of 5 exercises which you should perform for 60 seconds each. Take a…

trx upper body workout

15 Minute TRX Upper Body Workout

Jay Cardiello is a TRX and celebrity trainer to the stars and athletes has put together a 15 minute Upper Body workout that you can do with your suspension strap. You will achieve a much stronger, leaner and toned upper body by performing these 5 suspension exercises. Watch Jay take…