15 Minute TRX Weight Loss Workout

If you want to kick start your metabolism and get your fat-burning mechanisms into gear, TRX expert trainer, Jay Cardiello has an excellent 15 minute suspension workout for weight loss that you must try.

trx weight loss workout

This workout consists of 5 exercises which you should perform for 60 seconds each. Take a 30 second break between exercises and repeat again doing the single leg exercise on the opposite leg. For an full workout, do 4 rounds of this and you will really feel the burn.

Watch Jay take you through the exercises in the video below.


Source: www.trxtraining.com

Weight Loss Suspension Exercises

  • TRX Atomic Pushups
  • TRX Suspended Lunges
  • TRX Burpees
  • TRX Skaters
  • TRX Jump Squats

If you want more TRX exercises, try Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution.

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  1. I wanna try TRX Workout

    • Go for it. We have some excellent workouts to get started and there is Suspension Revolution which is a complete TRX workout guide. All the information is here at our website.

      All the best!

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