Best Suspension Trainers 2021

Have you been looking for a suspension trainer but not sure which straps to get? We can help you with your decision as we reveal our top 10 best suspension trainers for 2021 with reviews and a buyer’s guide to follow.

What are the best Suspension Trainers Table of Contents:

Suspension training has become very popular over the past 4 years with more and more suspension workout groups appearing at local gyms. This is the number one form of training that fully activates your core and strengthens your body at the same time. With so many different straps on the market since TRX introduced this navy and military style anywhere training, we break down our top 10.

best suspension trainers 2021

What does TRX mean?

TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercises and TRX has become a well known brand created by Randy Hettrick and many other fitness companies have caught on to the TRX craze by developing their own version of the suspension trainer. There are plenty on the market but only a few are good in how they are constructed, how easy they are to adjust and what is included.

It also comes down to personal preference in whether you prefer the well known brand name or if you are a bargain hunter looking for an excellent suspension training straps that is good value for money. Our top suspension trainers covers all you need to know. Please read our suspension trainer buyer’s guide below before you make a purchase.

We have updated our top 10 list with some new additions that are really worth checking out.

Best Suspension Trainers 2021

Best Alternative to TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX has become a household name when it comes to suspension trainers, but not everyone has the budget to buy these top end trainers. Having said that, we have researched and reviewed the best suspension trainers that are available and compiled a list below for you to have a look at as a cheaper alternative to TRX.

We have been testing a new suspension trainer from Recoil called the Recoil S2. This is a super amazing product featuring its one touch click adjustment that allows you to move from one exercise to another without skipping a beat and wasting any time. Excellent for bodyweight circuit training. This newcomer slots in at number 3 on our list.

At the moment, our current best TRX alternative, the FitIndex Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit is quite a decent set that is a solid choice at half the price of TRX. Other good choices are Lifeline, Ultimate Body Press and GoFit.

Lets get to it and go through the top 10 suspension trainers list.

1) TRX GO Suspension Training Kit

TRX Go Best Suspension TrainerAs much as I like to give an alternative trainer to the ever popular TRX the number 1 spot, the TRX Go is undoubtedly the top suspension trainer in all classes. It is the number 3 top seller on Amazon for home gyms which shows you how popular this trainer is. This is the low end price point of all TRX suspension trainers.

The TRX can be considered the high end model of body weight straps but the TRX GO itself is much lower in price than all the other suspension training straps from TRX. This is why we have chosen this particular straps as our first choice. Coming in a lot cheaper than the Basic Kit, Force Tactical and Pro, the GO maintains the high standards offered by this world known brand.

Although it does not come with all the bells and whistles as the above mentioned straps, it is excellent if you want a high quality kit for a good price. The straps itself are 1 inch in width where others from this brand is 2 inches thick. None the less the GO is perfect for personal use or if you need a smaller kit that is more portable to fit in your bag to take with you where ever you go.


  • TRX GO Suspension Trainer
  • TRX Get Started Poster with 2 x 20-minute printed workouts
  • TRX Door Anchor
  • TRX Suspension Anchor
  • TRX Mesh Carry Bag

Available colors: Grey, Black

Customer rating: 4.7/5

Cons: Lacking video workouts and App.

2) FitIndex Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit

fitindex bodyweight resistance bandsWe like this suspension training kit for the great bundle that you get with it and is our number 2 pick and an excellent alternative to the powerhouse brand TRX. We are always looking for good money for value and at its current price point makes it a highly recommended choice .

It is a nice fitness bundle adding the 4 levels of resistance bands to the suspension training kit. The FitIndex comes with all the anchors that you need. The straps themselves have nice clear markings that you can quickly adjust to to find your preferred length.

The 4 resistance loop bands offer various weight equivalent resistance with 10lbs, 15lbs, 20 lbs and 25lbs.


  • Resistance straps
  • Extension strap
  • Door anchor
  • 4 resistance loop bands
  • Exercise booklet and get started guide
  • Travel bag

Colors available: Black with blue

Customer rating: 4.7/5

Cons: Lacks video workouts. No training app. Exercises are the regular suspension exercises nothing unique.

3) Recoil S2 Suspension Trainer

Recoil S2 Suspension Trainer ReviewOur number 3 pick goes to a newcomer by Recoil. The Recoil S2 features a unique push button adjustment that allows you adjust your straps quick and easily without skipping a beat.

Both straps are adjusted evenly so there is no need to mess around trying to get them aligned. The Recoil S2 also features a sturdy and neat looking casing unit where the recoil mechanism is housed along with a swivel top that moves to any position that you need.

RECOIL S2’s Patented design is compact, portable and efficient to use. Workout virtually anywhere without the hassle of busy gyms or expensive memberships.

There are 4 versions to choose from: Recoil S2 Pro, S2 Home, S2 Gym and the S2. Read my full Recoil S2 review here.


  • Head to toe adjustment
  • Push button adjustment
  • Durable rubber grips
  • User-friendly design
  • Tidy and tangle free
  • Attachment mounts

Colors available: Black

Customer rating: 5

Cons: High price point.

4) Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT ReviewOur number 4 pick goes to the Lifeline Jungle Gym XT with its split design. These suspension trainers have gotten rave reviews on Amazon because they allow the user to adjust the width thus placing extra emphasis on strength.

The Lifeline Jungle Gym is versatile and easy to adjust as you workout. With built-in door anchors and an extension you can workout with the use of a door or any anchor point. The handles and foot cradles are durable and made from thermoplastic elastomer that has good grip and comfortable on the hands.

The foot cradles are unique as unlike many of the others listed here, they are not made from the same material as the straps. As they always hold the shape, it is very quick and easy to get your feet in and out while changing your exercises.

Construction is well done and great for home, gym and travel.


  • 2 x 8 feet suspension straps
  • 2 x Integrated easy wipe handles
  • 2 x Integrated easy-in foot cradles
  • 2 x Non scuff door anchors
  • 2 x Strap adjusters
  • Duro link anchor

Colors available: Black with red trimmings

Customer rating: 4.5/5

Cons: Does not pack as compact as most suspension trainers.

5) TRX Basic Suspension Trainer Kit

TRX Basic Suspension Trainer ReviewAt number 5 on our list is the famous and well known TRX Basic Suspension Trainer Kit. TRX is a fantastic brand that offers excellent products and their customer support is very good. They provide online members area where by you can download workouts and access their App to download on your mobile device.

Do you need all these extra workouts and options? Not really. You can find content throughout our website as well as YouTube. Most people like the bundles and finding everything in one place so if you are willing to pay the price, then you have an excellent product with great programs.


  • TRX Suspension Training Strap
  • TRX Suspension Anchor
  • TRX Door Anchor
  • Best-in-Class 35 page full-color TRX Workout Guide
  • 65-Minute Basic Training DVD
  • Two Bonus Workouts
  • TRX Endurance Circuit
  • TRX Metabolic Blast

Colors available: Yellow

Customer rating: 4.5/5

Cons: Price

6) Ultimate Body Press Bodyweight Trainer

Ultimate Body Press Bodyweight Suspension Trainer ReviewIf you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the more costly branded TRX, then the Ultimate Body Press suspension trainer is your ticket. Under $50, this trainer gives you everything you need in a top quality straps. The handles are comfortable and with good grip. These can be used on a door and pretty much anywhere that you can find a strong anchor point.

The ‘S’ hooks are neat and gives you easy anchoring and adjusting options.


  • Extra wide 6 foot straps with index markings for quick adjustments
  • Lay flat handles
  • No rub cam buckles
  • Suspension extension strap
  • Drawstring travel bag
  • Workout poster

Colors available: Blue

Customer ratings: 4/5

Cons: Workout poster is a little light on workouts. All basic and beginner with no intermediate or advanced exercises. No videos or apps.

7) TRX Pro 3 Suspension Training Kit

TRX Pro 3 Suspension Trainer ReviewWe have another TRX suspension training straps in our top 10 which is also the most expensive. Even though these are priced high, they cannot be overlooked. If you have the budget and like the TRX brand, the Pro 3 comes with all the bells and whistles. These straps are the professionals choice of suspension trainer and used in many fitness facilities.

The quality of the product is second to none, offering the commercial grade components and durability. The handles are also the best offered by any of the suspension trainers in our top 10 list. This kit comes with 8 training videos with a good range of workouts that you can use with your clients.


  • TRX Pro 3 Suspension Training Straps
  • Ergonimic textured rubber handles
  • 3 anchoring options
  • Door anchor
  • Extender
  • 8 video workouts
  • 8 week workout guide
  • 5 digital workouts
  • Travel bag

Available colors: Yellow

Customer ratings: 4.5/5

Cons: The price

8) NOSSK Twin Pro Bodyweight Trainer

NOSSK Twin Pro Bodyweight Trainer ReviewAnother new comer and made in the USA from premium military grade webbing. These are excellent suspension training straps under $50 that are perfect for home and outdoor use. Take them with you anywhere you go so that you can get a full body workout.

The NOSSK Twin Pro in our opinion is a lot better than the GoFit Gravity straps and the CoreX suspension trainer that takes their place on our list.


  • 2 x single NOSSK Suspension Straps
  • 2 x handles
  • 2 x carabines
  • 2 x anchors
  • Carry bag

Colors available: Black, Gray, Yellow, Pink, Red, Neon Green, Purple, Blue, Olive Drab

Customer ratings: 5/5

Cons: No extras, just what you need.

9) NOSSK Home Suspension Bodyweight Fitness Trainer

NOSSK Home Suspension Bodyweight Trainer ReviewAt number 9, we have another NOSSK suspension trainer that is the cheapest set of straps that we found online. Do not be fooled by the price as these straps are manufactured from military grade materials from the USA. These straps are extremely light and compact.

No frills, just what you need to get started. These straps make a for a good second pair that you can take with you when you go travelling. Hook them up to the door and you are ready to go. The NOSSK Home trainer comes in a great variety of colors.


  • NOSSK Home suspension straps
  • Built in door anchor
  • Carry bag

Colors available: Olive Drab, Pink, Red, Purple and Blue

Customer rating: 5/5

Cons: Can only use on doors.

10) GoFit Gravity Straps

GoFit Gravity Straps ReviewRounding out our top 10 best suspension trainers of 2020 is the GoFit Gravity Straps. These straps are priced under $50 which makes them very affordable and a good choice for those on a budget and would like to workout at home.


  • 2 GoFit Gravity Straps with Door Anchors
  • 2 Handles
  • 2 Ankle Cradles
  • Mesh Travel Bag
  • Training Manual

Colors available: Black

Customer ratings: 3.8/5

Cons: Can only be used on doors.

Suspension Trainers Buyer’s Guide

Most of the suspension trainers mentioned above in our top 10 list are very similar in characteristics such as look and feel. Some come with workouts as a bundle and others don’t. They all offer door anchors and suspension extender straps which is a must so that you can use your door or a wall or ceiling mount. One of the key features of the suspension straps are the handles.

Rubber vs Foam – Which is best for you?

I personally prefer foam covered handles as I find them more comfortable but they do tend to get wet when you are sweating and well into your workout. This does affect your grip and may hinder your performance some what. Not a major ordeal, but something to consider.

Rubber handles offer much better grip and do not get affected when wet.

Anchor options: The more options there are the better as this gives you a wide variety of places that you can workout

Adjustable Buckles: When you are working out, you will be adjusting the height of the straps as you go through your routine. You will want easy and quick adjustments so that you are not wasting time.

Foot Cradles: These are loops under handles where by you can place your feet when doing exercises that requires this.

Straps: The straps are a key component of every suspension trainer. Strong military grade webbing are best as they are stronger and more durable. The thicker the strap, the better they are for gym use if you are a personal and fitness trainer.

20 Comments on "Best Suspension Trainers 2021"

  1. Seems like woss was pushed out of business by TRX. Their trainers are no longer available.
    As far as I can tell this was over a patent that woss in my eyes did not infringe. More of a tactical move by TRX to get rid of the competition. So sad since woss in my opinion did not just ask for a fairer price but also delivered the better product.

    • Hi Max, seems to be the case. Competition is good for everyone to maintain the quality and produce a superior product. I am a big fan of the WOSS Attack suspension trainer. I will be updating this page shortly once we find suitable replacements.

  2. Because TRX has legally attacked (and destroyed) WOSS and others I will never again support their products. The TRX is not too dissimilar than the wheel and this is an example of patents that should never have been given in the first place.

  3. Roxana Blunt | May 20, 2018 at 2:08 pm | Reply

    Just wanted to let you know that I purchased the Qonquill suspension trainer package and super happy with it. It comes with an anchor that could be bought separately with a cheaper set of straps but regardless, these straps are well construct. Thanks for the recommendation. Very happy with this purchase

  4. Mark Davies | May 21, 2018 at 1:50 pm | Reply

    What are your thoughts on the QonQuill trainers? Are they any good?

    • Hi Mark, I am very impressed with the QonQuill package as it gives you everything you need to get setup and started. I have also received quite a bit of positive feedback regarding the straps and how good they are. For the price, I highly recommend this package. I will be updating my top 10 list soon and moving it up a spot or 2.

  5. A couple suspension training systems that you left out (and I am sure that there are more) which I have used and found them to be good and more reasonably priced are:
    Golds Gym Total Body Training System
    Spri Gravity Trainer Pro

    As someone who has used the TRX system I find these to be a more reasonably priced alternative for home use. And, so far, TRX has not made a corporate attack on them.


    • Thanks for your input Fred! There are quite a few different suspension trainers on the market and we have the reviewed what we feel are pretty good and good value for money. We update our top 10 list regularly and always on the look out for gems!

  6. Ellis Castera | April 9, 2020 at 6:11 am | Reply

    Thanks for the informative article. Just received my Recoil S2 Home. Very nice, well worth the money spent.

  7. Tyalor Grant | April 11, 2020 at 9:47 am | Reply

    Nice input on the straps. I went for the TRX Fusion Bundle. Gym at home in these trying times. Be safe everyone!

  8. Marylou Cardwell | April 13, 2020 at 8:43 am | Reply

    Hey Rob, thanks for your suggestions. It was quite a tough choice to make but I bit the bullet and went all in for the Recoil S2 Pro. It cost quite a bit but this is no rinky dink suspension trainer. Well worth the money and very happy with it. The Recoil is great quality and like the Lambo of suspension straps. Thanks for your informative article. P.S Recoil should be #1… just saying.

  9. Hi Rob, I’m new to suspension trainers so I’ve been researching a few. My understanding is that the dual anchor points of the NOSSK offers some advantages when varying the width. I’m wondering if you found that to be the case. Also, have you tried the Emerge EX2? Thank you.

    • Hi Larry, the dual anchor points provides more stability when doing exercises that don’t require lateral movements such as squats, bicep curls, chest press, etc. but lacks in versatility. It does make doing chest presses more comfortable as you do not have the straps coming over your wrists. Adjusting the width is a nice option. I prefer a single anchor point so that I can switch to various exercises during my workout. If you are anchoring it to a door, the dual anchor points are good for that. A single anchor is much better if you ever want to workout outside during the warmer seasons or anchor it to your ceiling. But you could easily attach the 2 points with a carabiner clip to bring them together 🙂 Unfortunately I have not tried the Emerge EX2 and not sure if they are available at the moment.

    • How do you like the Emerge suspension trainer? I am considering it. Thanks, Frank

  10. I have a newbie question (given I haven’t purchased a suspension trainer yet): Do you stop and change the length of the straps between different exercises or do you just move your feet position? The reason I’m asking is to understand whether the Recoil S2 is worth the premium price and of real practical benefit, allowing me to move more quickly from one exercise to the next, or if it’s more of an expensive techie gimmick.

    • Not really. The only adjustment that you will make is when you are using the foot cradles for crunches, planks or push ups otherwise you are doing most of your exercises with the same length. Unless you are restricted with space, you will not need to change the length that often. I will do my workouts and save all ab work for the end unless I am doing a full body workout circuit which will require some adjusting. It takes a few seconds to do anyways so its a good time to catch your breathe. The recoil is super convenient as it makes adjusting so much easier and both straps adjust equally. If you have the budget otherwise not necessary.

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