Recoil S2 Suspension Trainer Review

recoil s2 pro reviewThe Recoil S2 Suspension Trainer is one of the newest suspension straps to hit the market. In this article we will be reviewing the Recoil S2 and providing our in-depth and unbiased opinion on these straps.

Before we get started, if you are looking for a cheaper pair of suspension trainers under $100, then unfortunately the Recoil S2 is not for you. You can check out our top 10 suspension trainers here to find a suitable trainer for you.

The Recoil S2 is very unique in that it has a patented recoil system. Unlike all the other suspension trainers that require adjustments to each strap while exercising, the Recoil S2 extends evenly and retracts evenly by pushing a button.

This makes for very quick adjusting that will not take up any time during your workouts. Both straps will be at the exact length that you would like for the respective workout. This is a very neat feature that other common trainers are lacking.

The trainer that we got our hands on is the Recoil S2 Pro. We wanted the full kit to review. The Recoil S2 Pro is the top trainer in their range and priced at $298.00 USD.

The Pro Kit includes the following:

  • Recoil S2 Suspension Trainer
  • Recoil mount – Wall / Ceiling
  • Lashing strap
  • Carry bag with door mount (this is quite neat)
  • User Guide
  • Exercise guide

Everything was well packaged and looks top quality. The suspension strap casing with the recoil component is on the heavy side but feels very solid. The hardware seems sturdy and well constructed and for the price, it is what you would expect. The cool thing about this set is that you can hook the lashing strap on to the carry bag and makes a convenient carry strap to go.

The bag / door mount serves as a bag and a door mount. The bag slides over the top of a door with a rubber anchor to keep it in place and from slipping through. It has a built in carabiner hook that you attach the Recoil suspension trainer to. It is is very solid with professional grade material.

Lashing strap has 2 carabiner hooks , 1 on each side that can attach to the carry bag for easy transport. The lashing strap is an attachment that you can use to attach the suspension trainer to a horizontal structure that is strong enough to withstand your weight. You can use it to work out outdoors at a park or any gym structure. There are built in loops that can be used for various height placements.

The Recoil mount can be installed on the wall or the ceiling. It is well constructed and solid. Unfortunately no screws are included with the kit which would have been a great help. This is a bit of a let down because you need to determine the correct screws for the installation.

The Suspensions straps are housed in the patented recoil unit. The quick release button allows you to pull the straps to your desired length equally. It has a longer adjustment range which other suspension trainers do not have. The adjustment is quick and easy and no need to do each strap individually. The straps remain neat and tangle free inside the recoil housing.

The Recoil S2 has a swivel head connector that makes working out smooth and unhindered. The straps always follow your direction giving you strap balance no matter your the way you are facing.


  • Well constructed
  • Good options for mounting
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Fast adjusting
  • Tangle free
  • Convenient to store and take with you


  • High price point. Much more expensive than its competitors
  • No APP available yet
  • Lacking the right screws or bolts needed

In Conclusion

The Recoil S2 Pro is a quality product that is strong and durable. It is well worth the price and is way ahead of the well known brand TRX. If you do not paying a little extra, this suspension trainer is everything you need for your suspension training. The Recoil S2 was designed to make workouts more efficient, effective and convenient.

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