DIY Suspension Training System

For under $25, you can make your own suspension training system at home.

What you need:

2 heavy duty carabiner clips
2 x 6 inch PVC tubes, thickness is up to you and the hand grip you want
2 x 12 foot latching straps

To start, take your latching strap, cut off 24 inches from the end of both straps. Burn the edges of the latching straps so that they do not fray.

Take the 24 inch cut piece and tie a knot on the end so that you have 2 loops. Take you latching strap and thread it through the 6 inch PVC tube so that you know have handles. Place the end of the latching strap through the clip and and close the clip so that the strap is now fastened.

Open the carabiner clip and hook the 24 inch looped straps and the long strap with handles.

You can now place the loops on to a study door way pull up bar with handles and have a home built suspension training system. This is all that you need. Watch the video below for full details

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Build Your Own Suspension Training System Video