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TRX Training Equipment

TRX Training Equipment Discounts

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TRX Apparel


Click here to see the full range of TRX Apparel for men and women.

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TRX Accessories

Discount code for TRX accessories

TRX has an excellent range of accessories from anchoring to Fitness cards to rip trainer resistance cords. Every thing that you need to get set up and to get the best out of your suspension trainer and workouts is available for you.

If you need new anchoring solutions or need to replace what you have, the TRX accessories like the X-Mount, Door Anchor and Xtender are excellent for your suspension training. With these 3 anchoring tools to can anchor your suspension trainer to the ceiling or wall, a sturdy door or provide some extra length to your trainer.

Other accessories like the FitDeck and Jump Rope provide an extra dimension to your current workout. With the FitDeck you can really add some variety to your training. Draw a card and perform the exercises that is on it. Jump Rope will provide some cardiovascular that you can mix into your routine.

Other accessories from the TRX brand include wall workout charts with body strength workouts and flexibility workouts. If you are stumped on what body part that you would like to workout, then these will give you some ideas.

If you are into Rip Trainer and need some extra resistance to your current cords, check out the high resistance cords. The Rip Trainer cords are available for 3 levels: light, medium, heavy and XX-heavy.

Various styles water bottles are available if you are a big fan of the TRX brand. Click the link below to have a look at the full range of accessories from TRX.

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As TRX has grown in popularity and the various suspension training kits that has to offer, the options are endless in how you can get fit. Although TRX is an excellent if not one of the best suspension brands out there, their products are on the costly side.

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