suspension revolution reviewWorld reknown TRX trainer and Suspension training expert, Dan Long has released his highly sort after Suspension Revolution Workout program.

Up until recently, this super core workout program was used by pro athletes and elite special forces ops and the big Hollywood movie stars but now has been made available to you.

In this article, I am going to review Suspension Revolution and break down what the program is about.

I also have 3 killer core exercises here provided by Mike Geary from Truth About Abs. You can find more information about suspension training here.

Who is Dan Long?

Dan Long - TRX ExpertDan Long (CPT, CKMT) is a suspension training expert based out of Tampa Bay, Florida and training coach to many pro athletes at the Powerhouse Gym. One of the well known athletes that trains with Dan is Seattle Seahawks Line Backer, Dekoda Watson.

Dan has helped many of his clients break that stubborn plateau that we get accustomed to when working out and cannot get to that level that we all want.

He is going to share with you 191 unique, never seen before exercises. You can watch this video where Dan Long explains how suspension training can benefit you.

What is Suspension Revolution?

Suspension Revolution takes suspension training to a whole new level. It consists of 191 amazing, unseen exercises and 27 super intense exercise combinations that will transform your body into a fat burning machine. You will also be using muscles that you do not normally use in your regular workouts.

What do you get with this program?

  • 4 week beginner suspension program
  • 4 week intermediate suspension program
  • 12 week advanced suspension program
  • strap after burn finishers
  • bonus video, the top 10 exercises that no one else is doing

Who Is This Program For?

You do not have to be a super fitness star to start using this program. Dan Long has all the bases covered from beginners up to advanced which makes these TRX workouts perfect for women, men, athletes, beginners and even young kids. Most other workouts either target just men or just women but as you are using your own body weight as your resistance and as you grow stronger, you change your own intensity. It is a great all round workout that delivers results.

Review Conclusion

To wrap up my review article about Dan Long’s program, overall it is a great and intense workout program. It is not boring, you are well engaged in all the exercises that you run through. The workouts are well layed out and fully described so that you are not left in the dark on how to do a specific exercise. You will see results, that is for sure. I am well on my way and loving the workouts.

A few issues with this is that this is not entirely for beginners. You will need to be active in order to get the most out of it. Although if you are starting out with this as your first workout program, really take your time and DO NOT overdo it.

Dan has added videos for all members to watch how the exercises are performed. This is brilliant as version 2.0 covers what I originally thought would have been good to have.

You will not need to pay for gym membership or invest in equipment. We have an excellent selection of suspension trainers here that you can choose from.

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How TRX Suspension Training Works and the Benefits

Are you tired of using 20 different equipment in the gym for a full body workout? TRX workouts and exercises can take the hassle out of your workout regimen and significantly improve results. TRX workouts is an all-in-one suspension exercise that boosts strength, improves balance, stabilizes the core and reduces stiffness, all at the same time. Suspension training removes the need for cumbersome gym equipment and lets you do a lot more, with a lot less.

How It Works

In TRX training and workout, you use your own body weight from different angles to engage diverse muscle bodies simultaneously. A simple exercise like a chest press can act as a core stabilization exercise. TRX needs your body weight and the TRX Suspension trainer (a portable performance-enhancing tool) to leverage gravity for many exercises.

That means, you’re using just one training equipment to perform an endless number of exercises. Since you can alter your body position endlessly, weight can be added or reduced with zero hassle. Therefore, instead of spending thousands of dollars on equipment, individuals from all fitness levels can get more bangs for their buck with one versatile tool.


The centre of gravity in the human body lies right above our hips along the central axis of our body. Centre of gravity shifts with each move of your body. While moving, the body controls the centre of gravity with muscles. Regular TRX exercise can stabilize your centre of gravity and give you more power and added balance. Here are some of the benefits you glean from TRX.

Firstly, TRX trainer is compact and portable. You can take it anywhere and set it up in a flash. No longer are you tied to the gym or your home. Anytime, anywhere, just bring out your TRX trainer and you’re good to go.

Even more, TRX is an all-in-one total body workout training. Whether you want to build muscle mass, tone your body, get in shape or even prepare for the triathlon, anything is possible with TRX. In addition, it only takes one equipment!

trx ab workout routineTRX training provides a total body workout experience. This dynamic workout range boosts your power, involving multiple muscle groups at a time. Unlike the rational abs exercises, you don’t just lie down during TRX workouts. A completely new range of workouts is available to you. And all you need to do is shift your body weight. For example, you can focus exclusively on your abs. You can also strengthen your back, shoulders, hips, chest and legs. So, TRX gives you greater control over your body and fitness.

Furthermore, TRX suspension workouts won’t just enhance your muscle quality; it also affects your cardiovascular durability. By changing the pace at which you do the activity, you can work your heart and lungs out more or less. Its flexibility offers you more choices.

Because of their huge successes, the name TRX has turned out to be practically synonymous with suspension training. Elite athletes, Olympic swimmers and cyclists, UFC Fighters, Baseball players and even the military are using TRX training to improve performance. TRX workouts can be utilized anywhere, which makes it an intriguing choice for those that don’t see themselves reliably working out at the gym.

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