TRX Back Exercises

build your back muscles with trx workoutsIn order to get that great looking V-shaped back is to workout your lower and upper back. With suspension training you can achieve the perfect back with a variety of exercises that targets the various back muscles.

A good place to start is with these exercises if you are a beginner to TRX and work yourself up to more advanced exercises. A great looking back like the one on the left does not happen overnight and does need work and commitment.

The back is a large area comprised of many muscle groups. The most prominent is the trapezius muscle, which is named from its trapezium-like shape, runs between the neck, the anterior chain, the two shoulders, and the thoracic vertebra, T12. The large latissimus dorsi make a triangle from the shoulder to the hip.

I have an excellent workout for you that you can do that really targets your back muscles. It works your arms as well as you will be doing a burn set or finishers. The exercise that we will be doing is TRX back rows at 3 different angles. Each angle will consist of 10 reps each. We will only break after the 3rd set and will be doing 3 rounds of this. Get ready to feel the burn.

TRX Back Row Finishers

Start at a 45 degree angle facing the anchor point with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold the handles with your palms facing down, lean back. Pull yourself forward towards the anchor point bringing your hands to side of your ribs. Go back to the starting position and perform 10 repetitions. (Go here to watch how to do back rows)

Take 2 steps forward into a 30 degree angle and repeat the suspension back rows for 10 repetitions. You should start to feel it burn, work through it.

Next move forward until you body is pretty much horizontal to the floor. You will be pulling yourself up now to the anchor point. Keep your feet stable and your knees bent in this position. Do 10 repetitions at this angle. This is where you will feel it the most but the results will be epic.

Once you have done 3 sets, take a 30 second break and repeat the same 3 sets of back rows at 45, 30 and about 10 degree angles. Try to do 3 rounds of these finishers. Each angle uses different body weight resistance and because of this you will be using different muscles that will really work your back and build stronger muscles.

Add this workout every now and again to change things up and give your body a nice shock to boost muscle growth and strength. I like to use this workout in a TRX metabolic circuit workout which is great for burning of fat and building core strength.

Suspension Training expert, Dan Long has excellent workouts in his popular Suspension Revolution program that will help you develop your back properly with exercises that will strengthen your core. His workouts are great and I have posted a few here below that you can try today.

TRX Back Workouts - Back Rows 45

TRX Back Exercises For Beginners

In this article, we are going to demonstrate 2 workouts for your back that you can do with your TRX suspension straps. These exercises are for beginners and new comers to suspension trainer and will be post more workouts for the intermediate and advanced users You will want to do…

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