What Is KILL MODE Training?

Dan Long, the founder and creator of Suspension Revolution explains what Kill Mode is and how you should apply it to any suspension TRX workout. Get the results! Watch the video below.

Kill Mode is a mindset that Dan Long implements in his training to get results. When you are involved in any exercise program, it could be seconds, it could be miles, it could be reps. Dan says that for the first half of your exercise, just be on autopilot like you normally would. Then for the second half as you get tired and the fatigue starts to set in, let that exit the brain, don’t think about it.

How Does Kill Mode Help you

You are going to give everything you got for the last half of all the exercises that you perform. This way you will not only reach your goals, you will shatter them. For example, if you were doing 30 seconds of jump squats, for the first 15 seconds you would be in your regular mode of training. So in your mind you are just going on autopilot at the usual pace.

For the last 15 seconds you are going to kick it in Kill Mode. Kill Mode is then all out maximum effort that you give for the second half of whatever it is that you are engaging in.

Dan Long - Kill Mode TrainingMost of us are culprits of this when we train. We have a set amount of repetitions that we want to do in each set of our workout and once we hit that number we stop. This is were the lack of progress lies.

Our bodies become so accustomed to the same workout and reps that it gets bored in a way and progression does not go beyond that. This results in much slower muscle growth and results.

With Dan and his Kill Mode method, if you want results, you must push yourself beyond this barrier that we stop ourselves at. If we are doing 12 reps, go to 15 or 20 when it really starts to hurt. Do not go insane because is not the point.

The point when you are feeling spent, try go for a few extra. You will see results a lot faster than you normally would.

Getting into the Kill Mode mindset, you are setting yourself up for success. You will see results much quicker than you would with your regular everyday, normal paced routing.

Having this mindset in any aspect of your life will only equal success. Give it your all and then some. Cheers!

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