TRX FIT Suspension Trainer

TRX has just released their latest entry-level suspension trainer called the TRX FIT which is the lightest trainer in their straps / bands category. If you like the TRX brand but find their original Home Kit and Pro Kit a little too much for your budget, then I think this suspension strap kit is right for you.

The price of the TRX FIT Kit is only $129.95 and it is the perfect kit to get started with suspension workouts. The TRX FIT includes two 20 minute workouts printed on a poster that you can place on your wall. An excellent way to get an intense workout and to get in shape fast. We will go through what is include and how it compares to the more expensive trainers.

TRX FIT Suspension Trainer

One thing that I cannot stress enough about any suspension training straps is how versatile they are. The world is literally your gym and you can train anywhere you like to burn fat, build lean muscle and get a stronger core. Weighing around 1 pound, the TRX Fit can go everywhere with you with which you can set up anywhere that provides a strong, secure anchor point in 60 seconds. You are all set.

With over 300 plus exercises, you will be well on your way to looking good and getting into shape. Suspension training is one of the most effective tools for stimulating and strengthening your core. With a stronger core, you will have a stronger and much more fit body.

The TRX FIT Suspension Trainer Includes:

  • TRX FIT Suspension Trainer – the newest and leanest suspension straps at 1 lbs
  • Door Anchor – padded block with looped strap that you can place over your door
  • Suspension Anchor – allows you to hang your straps of poles, bars, hooks and just about anything that can hold your own body weight
  • Setup and Use Video – setup instructions and how to get the most from your trainer
  • Mesh Carry Bag – convenient storage bag that you can take anywhere
  • Workout Post – includes 2 x 20 minute workouts to get started

Price: $129.95

Compared to the TRX Home Kit and the TRX Pro Kit, this version is an excellent suspension trainer to get started in training TRX at an affordable price. The more expensive suspension trainers do come with a lot more workout videos and extras that are cool to have but not necessary in my opinion. You do the exact same workouts on any suspension trainer so there is no difference in that.

With the TRX FIT, you get the same unique features that are available only to TRX. You have the essential elements to setup your straps anywhere you like so that you can get in shape. Ever since I started suspension training several years ago, I have not stopped and find it more enjoyable as I progress. The workout combinations are endless and with your own body weight and gravity, you have everything you need to get the body that you want.

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