TRX Leg and Butt Sculpting Workout

As the weather starts to get warmer here in North America, we tend to get out more and thus pick up the intensity of our workouts to get ready for the summer. Today’s workout is leg and butt sculpting. This is an intermediate level suspension training from Dan Long as we will be using single leg which really targets your core while working your butt and leg.

Focus on form with these exercises and when you get the hang of it, give it your all for great results. Perform each exercise for 40 seconds splitting the time to 20 seconds for each leg. Do 3 to 4 rounds with a minute rest in between. Your lower body will love it.

1. Single Leg Quad Extension Left / Right

TRX leg workouts - singleleg quad extension

  1. Place straps in Single Hand Mode
  2. Facing away from anchor point, on your knees, place right foot in foot cradle,
  3. Place your hands flat on floor under shoulders as shown.
  4. Lift body off ground onto hands, and extend right leg so that it’s straight and then bend right knee to approximately 45°
  5. Repeat with extension of right leg for 20 seconds, without touching right knee to ground until complete.
  6. Repeat with Left leg in handle for another 20 seconds so that you do 40 seconds in total.

2. Single Leg Mountain Climbers

TRX leg workouts - single leg mountain climbers

  1. Keeping straps in Single Hand Mode
  2. Place your right foot in foot cradle, and get into front plank position with hands on floor in line with shoulders.
  3. Pull in your left leg in towards your chest and then your right leg as if you are running at a good tempo to perform the single leg mountain climber.
  4. Challenge yourself by going as fast as possible!
  5. Continue for 40 seconds.

3. Single Leg Pike with Abduction

TRX leg workouts - single leg pike with abduction

  1. Place your right Foot in foot cradle.
  2. Get into a front plank position with hands on floor under shoulders for support.
  3. Raise hips up, keeping legs straight
  4. Separate your feet out as far as possible and then bring feet back together
  5. Repeat pike and feet separation.
  6. Do this for 40 seconds. You can split the workout by changing feet and do 20 seconds each.

Perform these 3 exercises for 3 to for 4 rounds and you will have an excellent workout. This workout really challenges your legs and is a good option to change up your routine. If you want more suspension exercises from Dan Long, check out his Suspension Revolution program here.

Watch Dan demonstrate how to perform these exercises

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