How To Do a Chest Press on TRX

TRX Chest PressChest press is a simple exercise but an integral part of any workout to build and strengthen the chest muscles. There are many searches made on the internet for the TRX chest press so I am going to discuss it in this article and explain the variations that you can do.

First I want to thank TRX expert Dan Long who is the creator of Suspension Revolution and without his awesome workouts, I would not be where I at right now in terms of body strength and fitness.

Building the chest area is common for everyone working out and this area is never ignored. It is really the central point to all muscle building and plays a big role in all the exercises that we do when working out. With TRX, we have an excellent apparatus that engages the core allowing us to build overall body strength much faster than we would with conventional equipment.

For those using suspension training, we will run through the chest press workout from beginner through to advanced users. This is a straight forward exercise but form is important and by using suspension training straps, we are using our own body weight as resistance, so changing our body angle, will change the resistance level.

TRX Chest press is basically a push up except that we are using TRX straps. We perform the exact same movement as a pushup with the exception that we are off the ground and there will be more movement in our arms that we will need to control at the same time. This is where core strength will be improve over time. As with pushups, we can apply many changes such as wide pushups, military pushups, staggered pushups and more. I always change up my TRX chest presses as I do my workouts to change things up.

TRX Chest Press For Beginners

TRX chest press for beginners

Stand facing away from the anchor point holding the handles out in front of you. Place your hands out in front of you at shoulder width apart and lower your chest into a chest press and return back to the starting position.

You can take a step or 2 back to change your body angle which will give you more resistance.

TRX Chest Press For Intermediates

TRX chest press for intermediates

This chest press is done at a 90 degree angle so your body angle will be pretty much flat similar to doing a regular pushup. This will provide much more resistance than the beginner chest press.

A great workout that I do every now and then for an excellent burn is chest press pyramids. Choose 3 angles that you will want to use for this exercise. Start with the easiest and move to the hardest angle. You will do 1 set in each angle without stopping in between. Start by doing chest press in the easiest angle for 30 seconds. Take a step back and do chest press for another 30 seconds then end off in the lowest body position. Rest for 1 minute and repeat the routine for 3 rounds in total. You will feel fatigued and a nice burn but its a great way to push your limit and help you get more out of your workouts.

TRX Chest Press for Advanced

TRX chest press for advanced

This is the inverted chest press with abduction. This is an advanced TRX chest press that you can do when you comfortable and stronger than you were when starting out. There is a variation as you will be placing your feet in the foot cradles and your hands will be placed on the ground giving you an inverted angle. This is a great strength builder and will boost muscle development.

Place the handles in single hand mode. This is placing the handles into each other to make the straps work as 1. Go into a pushup position, placing your left leg into the handles. Lift your body off the ground and take a few steps back on your hands so that your body is now in an inverted angle.

Go down into a chest press and at the same time open your legs. Go back up and close your legs. Down – open, up – closed.

Go ahead and try these simple but effective chest press on TRX. As your strength builds you will find yourself pushing more and even changing up the exercises as you go. For more intensity, change the angle and go into a wider position with your hands.

For more incredible suspension workouts, check out Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution program. With over 191 unique exercises, you will build a better and stronger body and will get fit.

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