Add These 3 TRX Core Exercises To Your Workout

Today we are going to attack the core with these 3 TRX core exercises that you can add to your current routine or swap out your ab workouts. These exercises are great and engages your core at all times which will make your abdominal area nice and tight. An excellent way to give your six pack a nice boost.

Suspension training expert Dan Long has put these exercises together which are brilliant and will give your core a good workout. Perform each exercise for 30 to 40 seconds doing 3 rounds. It is challenging but very good for giving your workout program a change every now and again to keep your muscles from becoming used to the movement and becoming complacent.

Lets go through the workout and you can watch the demo video below.

Sit Ups With Left / Right Motion

TRX core workouts - Sit ups with left / right motion

  • Place your feet in foot cradles and lie on back with your heels in the foot cradles.
  • Raise arms straight up over front of body as shown, and lift your upper body/torso off ground.
  • At the top of your sit up, twist your torso to your left and then to your right, with arms straight out as shown.
  • Return to start position.
  • Repeat for 30 to 40 seconds.

Accordion Crunches

TRX core workouts - Accordion crunches

  • Lye on your back with your feet in the in foot cradles
  • Place your fingertips behind head. Do not pull on your head while doing this exercise.
  • Raise your head/shoulders/upper torso into a crunch position, drawing knees in past elbows.
  • Return to start position.
  • Repeat for 30 to 40 seconds.

Full Body Rotations Left To Right

TRX core workouts - Full body rotations left to right

This is a challenging exercise because your core will tire quickly. It is important to maintain form by keeping your arms straight. Fight the urge to bend when you start to feel fatigue.

  • Put straps in single hand mode.
  • Place your feet in a wide foot stance, facing anchor point.
  • With both hands holding on to handle by your chest, lean back with arms extended straight.
  • Rotate your upper body to right, keeping arms straight, use your core to pull your body forward almost to a straight standing position, without bending elbows.
  • Lower your body back to start position.
  • Repeat with a rotation to your left, and continue alternating.
  • Repeat this for 30 to 40 seconds.

Watch Dan Long take you through these exercises and show you how its done.

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  1. Roseanna Quarles | January 26, 2017 at 4:51 am | Reply

    Oh wow! These exercises were good and can really feel my abs being worked. Nice one.

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