TRX Talon Trainer Review

Do you want to build up your grip strength and power in your wrists? The TRX Talon Trainer is specifically designed to do just that. This is the perfect accessory that you can add to your suspension training straps to build up the strength and power in your wrists and grip.

Perfect for climbers and grapplers or any sport that requires a lot of finger strength, the TRX Talon Trainer builds finger strength, flexibility and agility. There is no limit to what you can do with this awesome accessory. You can train with one finger or a combination of any 2 fingers to really get the most out of your workouts.

TRXTalon Trainer

What customers are saying about this product

The TRX Talon Trainer is extremely well made and is an fantastic accessory to my TRX Force. I do Obstacle Course Races and grip strength matters.

Gary Dowdy – [5 star rating]


If you sport requires the use of grip for climbing obstacles, mountain climbing, grappling or any other sport that is hands on, then this could be the ideal exercise add that you can get. The most important feature and benefit about the grip trainer is that it can attach to your TRX straps quickly and is super functional for any kind of exercise.

This trainer can easily strap of to the handle and you are set. Another great feature about this tool is that you do not need new sets of workouts to start training. Use your grip trainer with your current TRX workouts. For example, do bicep curls using the talon trainer. Do rows or shoulder press holding with your fingers. This improves strength and flexibility giving you Navy Seal like climbers grip.

Very affordable at $19.97, this accessory is great and can be store with your suspension straps in the same bag.

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Watch Fraser Quelch demonstrate the grip trainer

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