15 Minute TRX Core Workout With Basheerah

Glad to have a new Core Workout for you to add to Jay Cardiello’s workout that we added a few days back and this time we have a lovely lady and TRX expert Basheerah Ahmad. Basheerah has set of 5 suspension exercises that you will do for two rounds for a 15 minute workout.

TRX 15 minute workouts with Basheerah

Although these exercises are only for 60 seconds with a second break, they give you an incredible burn for a toned and leaner mid section. You will have abs after a few weeks of this 🙂

Watch Basheerah demonstrate these core exercises in the video below:


Source: www.trxtraining.com

Core Suspension Exercises

  • TRX Planks
  • TRX Body Saws
  • TRX Hip Abduction
  • TRX Pikes
  • TRX Hinge

For more core workouts like this, have a look at Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution program.

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