Enhance Your Strength and Flexibility With TRX Pilates

Suspension Training can be used for various workouts and exercises to improve your body, mind and soul. We are only happy to share with you today Pilates that you can do with your TRX trainer straps. TRX expert and Certified Pilates Instructor, Kirsten Gerding will take you 3 Pilates based moves that you can do.

TRX Pilates Workout

Pilates is the optimal musculoskeletal performance technique. It strengthens; enhance flexibility and muscle endurance without risk of injury or bulking up.

The Focus of Pilates is breathing, core stability, pelvic & shoulder girdle stabilization, and restoring natural alignment of the body, resulting in a well-balanced fit and aligned body that moves with ease.

Source: www.piyocenter.com/pilates

In this TRX Workout, Kirsten is going to demonstrate 3 Pilates bases moves that are very easily incorporated into the suspension straps. These 3 exercises target your abdominals and core while improving your breathing and co-ordination.

Pilates Suspension Exercises

  • TRX Stroking The Globe
  • TRX Hundreds
  • TRX Swan Series

Watch Kirsten demonstrate these Pilates moves with the TRX in the video below:

Source: www.trxtraining.com

Make sure to bookmark as as we will be posting new workouts soon. Also look out for a TRX Yoga Workout that will be available here.

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  1. I am interested in your Pilates/trx combination classes. Will you be offering them virtually? And with Kristen? Reading further, I would be interested in the TRX/Yoga classes also. Will you be offering virtual classes in both of these anytime soon?

    Thank you, Ally : awileybrown@yahoo.com

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