What is TRX Training?

What is trx training? TRX is a type of training that uses ones own body weight and a suspension trainer system to build core strength, power, muscle without putting extra pressure on your joints.

Used by navy seals because of limited space and easy to transport, TRX training is a very innovative way to perform over 100 different exercises to keep fit and build muscle. The TRX Suspension trainer is the most versatile piece of exercise gear on the planet used by hundreds of thousands men and women at all levels of fitness.

Regardless of who you are, if you want to perform and look your best, the TRX is the perfect tool for you. As a navy seal, Randy Hentrik, created the TRX to give himself and his team mates a world class workout in a minimum amount of space and limited time no matter where they were in the world.

How TRX Training Can Benefit You

Today, the TRX delivers the same to you. A total body workout anywhere you are and anywhere you want to go. You can perform over 300 exercises to build total body strength, flexibility and you can increase your performance.

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TRX workouts are fast, effective and powerful. You can get a full body workout in as little as 30 minutes with a TRX because you can transition from one exercise to another without having to adjust. Combine strength, flexibility and metabolic training to get your heart rate up and get an intense full body workout in the shortest time.

How to Train TRX

The TRX is easy to use. Attach your suspension straps to an overhead anchor point that can support your body weight and from there you are ready to start training right away and do not have to wait for any piece of equipment to become available at the gym.

There are no more obstacles to prevent you from getting and incredible workout. You are in total control of how much you want to challenge yourself for each exercise because you can adjust your body position to instantly adapt resistance to help the right muscles work in a proper sequence delivering a balanced workout.

I highly recommend that you join Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution for excellent trx training results and start getting fit and in shape like you have never before.

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