Drop Crunches and Focus on Planks For Flat Abs

Did you know that crunches are the worst exercises for your spine? These movements put tremendous pressure on your spinal cord and does not do any good for your posture either.

Although crunches can give you decent looking abs, you are better off dropping them from your routine altogether and focus on workouts that target your core which ultimately will take your abs to the next level.

Check out these TRX Ab exercises

Suspended Plank Ab Exercises

Have you ever done planks before? Well let me tell you, they are tough! Have you ever tried suspended planks??? Now that is whole new level of plank exercises.

Plank exercises alone are excellent and one of the greatest thing about planks is that they actually flex the muscle with little to no movement involved. Planks will tone your abs without increasing the size of the muscle, which is exactly what you should be aiming for if you would like fantastic looking abs.

Most people with six packs have their stomachs sticking out past their chests and this what we want to avoid. Crunches are the biggest culprit for this.

Doing suspended plank exercises will blast through the fat layers a lot quicker as you will be engaging the core even more. At the same time your ab muscles are flexing more to maintain your rhythm thus giving awesome looking abs.

Try this suspended plank exercises to get started

  • 2 minute right side plank
  • 2 minute left side plank
  • 2 minute plank

2 minute right and left side plank

With your TRX straps in single hand mode, place your feet in the foot cradles of your suspension trainer while lying on your right side.

Lift your hips off the ground with on your right arm in plank position at a right angle to your body for support. Hold this plank position for 20 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds and repeat for 20. You should do this for 4 repetitions.

Rest for 1 minute and repeat on your left side.

2 minute plank

Take your TRX straps out of single hand mode and place your feet in each foot cradle. Lie on your stomach. Raise your hips off the ground and hold the plank position for 20 seconds. Rest for 10 the repeat until you have done 4 reps of 20.

Aim to shorten your rest time to 5 seconds, then work until you plank for 2 minutes straight.

Do this workout 3 times a week and  you will notice your stomach getting flatter in no time.

For more suspended exercises, check out Suspension Revolution by Dan Long. Want to take planking to the next level, try out my 30 suspended plank challenge here.

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