15 Minute TRX Lower Body Workout With Basheerah

TRX expert Basheerah Ahmad has an excellent 15 minute suspension workout that will work your lower body. These exercises target your butt, leg and hamstrings shaping and toning your lower body. These suspension exercises are very effective that will give you a good burn and are suitable for any level.

trx lower body workoutThis workout consists of 5 exercises that you will perform for 60 seconds each with a 30 second break in-between. Do these exercises for 2 rounds for a 15 minute workout.

Watch Basheerah take you through this lower body workout.


Source: www.trxtraining.com

Lower Body Suspension Exercises

  • TRX Hamstring Curls
  • TRX Hip Presses
  • TRX Squats
  • TRX Mountain Climbers
  • TRX Lunges

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