Ab Exercises

extreme TRX ab workout challenge

Extreme TRX Ab Workout Challenge

Hello fellow TRX’ers. Today I have an awesome ab challenge for you that you can do with your suspension trainer. TRX expert Dan Long has put on a challenge that you can do at home if you like and these exercises will work your core and stomach big time. If…

trx ab workouts side plank scissor reach under

Next Level TRX Ab Workout

If you want to take your ab exercises to the next level with your suspension trainer, Dan Long has got a workout for you that will do just. These 3 exercises will take your core to the next level resulting in a much stronger body and better looking abs. An…

trx ab workout routine

TRX Workout Routine For Abs

Abs have always been the top muscle group that people work the most and the hardest to achieve the six pack look. It does look great that is for sure especially when you have great looking obliques that give you the V-taper. Unfortunately it takes dedication, hard work and a…