Extreme TRX Ab Workout Challenge

Hello fellow TRX’ers. Today I have an awesome ab challenge for you that you can do with your suspension trainer. TRX expert Dan Long has put on a challenge that you can do at home if you like and these exercises will work your core and stomach big time.

If you want to take your abs to the next level and get them ripped, add this workout to your current routine. You will notice results after a a couple of weeks. Now this is extreme as Dan does 5 minutes of non-stop stomach exercises and he blows through them with ease. Its a high intensity workout that will get the sweat rolling off your forehead in no time.

This workout does not have to be done often but if added once every 2 weeks, you will give your workout a nice change and also boost your core development. With this workout you will have all muscles engaged throughout the 5 minute workout.

We will go through the exercises that Dan does:

  • Suspended crunches in the gut with 5 second static hold. Bring your knees up to your chest for the hold.
  • Suspended oblique crunches with 5 second static hold – left / right (one side at a time).
  • Suspended wide knee crunches – bonus exercise to finish strong.

Dan hits 100 reps for the first exercise so starting off try reach the best number you can and beat that the next time you do this. These exercises are based off Dan Long’s Kill Mode method where by you really kill it at the end. This helps you break your plateau and get results faster.

Watch Dan take you through this extreme ab training and try it yourself to get a flat stomach or 6 pack abs.

If you want more extreme suspension exercises like this, join Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution program today and get on the Advanced Level training for incredible results. Abs do not just appear, make it happen.

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