TRX Workout Routine For Abs

trx ab workout routineAbs have always been the top muscle group that people work the most and the hardest to achieve the six pack look. It does look great that is for sure especially when you have great looking obliques that give you the V-taper.

Unfortunately it takes dedication, hard work and a good diet to shed the fat to see these muscles.

We can crunch and sit up as much as you want but this will not yield results anytime soon. Crunches and Sit ups are not really that effective anyway as your muscles will get use to the movements that you will hit a plateau very quickly leaving you way short of your goal.

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One of the areas that we overlook is core strengthening. Without a strong core, your muscle development takes much longer. Simple core exercises help build stability and with this helps muscle growth at a faster rate.

An excellent way to strengthening your core is by doing TRX exercises. TRX uses your body weight as resistance which engages over 600 muscles at the same time unlike weight machines that only uses the muscles that you are using at that time. So by engaging all these muscles, builds strength throughout the body which is key to your development.The TRX suspension trainer is an awesome fitness tool as you do not need a gym membership and you can literally take it anywhere you want to. Go to the park, workout outdoors. This keeps your workouts interesting.

This video below shows 3 core exercises that you can get started on training your core.

These core exercises target your abs at the same time building strength toning your stomach muscles. Dan Long, who is a suspension training expert, has created an excellent workout program that you will not find anywhere else. I highly recommend that you follow him and try his TRX ab exercises.

Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution consists of circuit workouts that keeps you engage at all times. The metabolic / core workouts are excellent for abs and overall body strength. Each workout consists of 3 to 4 rounds which will not take more than 45 minutes which is more than ample for an effective workout. All areas are covered and are great for beginners, intermediates and advanced TRX’ers.

Suspension Revolution Ab Exercises – Beginner

Circuit 1

  1. Front Plank (on elbows)
  2. Side Plank L/R
  3. Reverse Plank (on hands)
  4. Reverse Plank w/side to side Hip Swing

Circuit 2

  1. Pike
  2. Crunches
  3. Sit Ups with L/R Rotation
  4. Accordion Crunches

Circuit 3

  1. L/R Full Body Rotations *(Single Hand Mode) SHM
  2. Full Body Roll-Outs
  3. Hip Drop L/R with leg raise
  4. Hip Flexor Thrust

This is just an example of you will get with Dan Long’s TRX workout program. There are more ab exercises in the Intermediate and Advanced levels as well as TRX ab finishers that are huge. All these suspension exercises target your core and abdominal muscles which will get your ripped and in shape in no time. Suspension training is a very effective and gets the results.

get more TRX ab exercises hereFor more ab exercises that you can try today, visit the TRX Ab exercise page here.


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