Floating TRX Exercises for Legs Combos

Hey there, got another great set of TRX exercises for legs by Suspension maestro, Dan Long. I particularly like these a lot because your core is hit big time with these workouts. Dan calls them floating workouts because one leg is always off the floor.

These add more resistance to your workouts and focuses on your quads. So if you want to get epic results for legs, try these 3 suspension workouts for your legs.

Lets go.

1. Floating Lunge Alternating

TRX leg exercises floating lunge

  • Standing on keft leg with right leg in air in front of you
  • Face the anchor point with your palms facing in
  • Lean your body back with arms extended out in front as shown above
  • Lower your body down into a single leg squat and come up
  • Bend your right knee up in front of you and then behind you and as you squat
  • Repeat the lunge from front to back.
  • Do these for 30 to 45 seconds and then repeat with your right leg.

2. Floating Lunge With Kick

trx leg exercises floating lunge with kick

  • Standing on Left leg with right knee bent 90° in front of you
  • Facing the anchor point with palms facing in
  • Lower your body down into a single leg squat, bringing right leg behind you
  • Immediately kick your right leg forward as high as you can.
  • Do this for 30 to 45 seconds and repeat, standing on your right leg, with your Left leg bent 90° in front of you.

3. Squats Plyo Jumps Left to Right

trx leg exercises jump squats

  • Stand in a wide foot stance facing the anchor point
  • With your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder height, lean your body back
  • Squat down and hop up and to the left
  • Squat down and hop up and to the left again
  • Then squat down and hop up to the right
  • Then squat down again and hop up to the right.
  • Repeat this pattern for 30 to 45 seconds

Try do 3 to 4 rounds of these and you can either add this to your current TRX workout routine or change it up a bit. Always good to have a good mix of workouts so that your body does not become complacent.

Watch Dan Long show how to do these leg exercises in the video below:

If you want an absolutely awesome suspension workout for your TRX straps, I highly recommend Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution. You can read my full review here.

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