Add These Trx Leg Exercises To Your Routine

If you are looking for new leg exercises to add to your current TRX workout, then I have something awesome in store for you today. TRX training expert, Dan Long has released a new video with 3 super exercises that target your quads big time. You will definitely feel the burn on these 3 workouts.

Perform these exercises for 30 to 45 seconds each and do 3 to 4 rounds.

trx leg exercises for quads

train quadriceps with trxAs I mentioned above, these workouts target the quadriceps so that you can get nice full legs. Most people focus mainly on the upper body and neglect their legs somewhat. This is not a great look as you are leaving yourself looking disproportionate.

In Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution program, he has a very good mix of upper and lower body workouts that will give you an insane looking physique.

The beauty of suspension training is that you will not apply any added pressure to your joints limiting yourself to injury. As you are using your own body weight as resistance, you are building up your core because all your muscles are engaged at the same time. To increase your resistance once you have more strength is to change your body angle or as Dan mentions in exercise 2, to increase your athleticism, jump higher when you come out of the lunge.

Lets go over today’s suspension exercises for your legs

1. Jumping Lunges

  • Standing facing anchor point, hands holding handles with palms facing in, and feet in an offset foot position, lunge down and jump up into an alternating jump lunge where back foot is now foot that’s forward, and repeat.
  • Continue for desired amount of time.

2. Static Hold Lunges w/Hop L/R

  • Facing away from anchor point with straps in SHM, place Right foot in foot cradle, and lunge.
  • Stand up and hop.
  • Repeat for desired amount of time, and repeat with Left leg.

3. Double Leg Quad Extensions

  • On knees facing down and away from anchor point, put feet in foot cradles, and use hands for support.
  • Straighten legs to lift knees off ground to extend quads, then lower knees to 45°, and repeat for desired amount of time.

Watch Dan’s TRX Quad Exercises Video Below:

This is a very small sample of what you are going to get inside Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution. He has over 191 unique exercises with 27 workouts that will give you insane results and take you to the next level.

You will learn the correct technique on how to properly use your TRX straps and how to fully engage in all the exercises. Once you get through the beginner stage, you will be well on your way to getting ripped and in shape. You will start to notice your abs getting tighter and you will be burning off fat in no time.

Check out Suspension Revolution today for more TRX Leg Exercises.

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