3 New TRX Chest Exercises For Killer Results

Hey there, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. Now that the festive celebration is over and now looking forward to the New Year where resolution lists are full of goals to be set and hopefully met in 2015.

The most common resolution on most peoples list is losing weight and getting into great shape. Well today I have 3 new excellent TRX exercises that targets your chest and upper body with killer results. My favorite suspension training expert, Dan Long, gives us new workouts that you can add to your current routine and why not get a head start on 2015.

trx chest exercises reverse fly

These upper body workouts are excellent and part of Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution program which is by far the best TRX suspension workout program around. So lets get to it!

Do 3 to 4 rounds of each exercise for 40 seconds each.

Single Leg Opened End Reverse Fly

  1. Standing facing anchor point, holding a handle in each hand with palms facing in, lean body back and raise 1 leg.
  2. Open both arms straight out to ceiling and floor, making sure body/arms are straight and then back in, switching direction of hands, so that top hand is now at bottom, and perform reverse fly in the opposite direction.
  3. Repeat for desired duration of time.

Single Arm Triceps Press w/Knee Drop L/R

  1. With straps in SHM, hold handle with Right hand, left hand on hip, facing way from anchor point, and feet in offset foot position. Bend right arm back behind head, while leaning forward and dropping your knee as shown. Return to start and continue for duration of time.
  2. Switch to hold handle in Right Hand and repeat exercise for desired duration of time.

Single Arm Chest Press L/R

  1. With straps in SHM, facing away from anchor point, feet together, left hand on hip, and Right arm holding handle, extended out in front of you at shoulder height.
  2. Bend Right arm, bringing elbow back, lowering body into chest press and then return to start position.
  3. Continue for desired amount of time, and then repeat with your Left hand holding handle and right hand on hip.

Watch Dan Long demonstrate the above TRX exercises

Add these into your current workout and you will get the results. These exercises target the shoulders, arms and your chest as well as strengthening your core big time. If you want more suspension exercises similar to these ones, then I highly recommend that you get Suspension Revolution. Dan has put together over 191 unique exercises that will give you awesome results and a killer physique.

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