3 Great TRX Exercises For Your Abs

When Dan releases new videos, I am on it right away and go through them to see what level his new workouts are. I have to say that these 3 suspension ab exercises are killer! Not for the meak, hehe… especially the star plank exercise.

Had to stop a few times and reset but finally got through these exercises. Still feeling the effects today. As alway, Dan Long provides the best content for TRX workouts and these are no exception. They target your abs and core big time and by adding or even swapping out a few from your abs routine, you are will see the results and get a killer mid-rift.

So lets get to it!

1. Oblique Crunch

TRX ab exercises oblique crunch

  • Facing the ground on knees, place your feet in foot cradles, raising your body into front plank position.
  • Start swinging your legs from right to left to get a nice momentum going.
  • Bring knees forward and out to side toward your left arm so that knees are by your left arm, push through with your feet back to front plank position, and then bring knees forward and out to side past your elbow, and then back to start position.
  • Continue oblique crunches from left to right for 30 to 45 seconds

2. Star Plank

TRX ab exercises star plank

  • Facing the ground on knees, place your feet in the foot cradles
  • Place your hands out to your sides as far out as you can (wide pushup stance).
  • Raise your knees/body off the ground into a Star Plank position and hold for 45 seconds.

3. 90 Degree Kick

trx ab exercises 90 degree kick

  • Place straps in SHM (single hand mode) and place right foot in the foot cradles
  • Lift body into a front plank position.
  • Bend left knee (leg not suspended) in, and twist torso and lead left knee under body and to your right and then back down and immediately out and up to your right as high as you can.
  • Return bended knee underneath body and repeat for desired amount of time.
  • Switch legs, placing Left foot in foot cradles, and repeat.
  • Continue for 30 to 45 seconds.

Start off with 2 rounds and then work your self up to 3 to 4 rounds of these exercises. You will be amazed to how this targets your abs and obliques. After a few weeks, you will notice awesome results.

Watch Dan Long demonstrate these 3 TRX Ab exercises

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