Improve Your Practice With TRX Yoga

Ever defied law of nature? Well, with TRX for yoga, you can defy the laws of gravity by gaining leverage when performing a number of top technical yoga poses. If you make it a habit to incorporate the TRX in yoga, you will build both flexibility and strength. For both novices and pros, it is time to get close and know your body as you explore various yoga poses without risking getting injured.

Once in a while you should consider streamlining your qi- body energy- without involving a lot of strenuous activities like cardio. To efficiently do this, you then need to do yoga.

A number of religious yoga practitioners have claimed to have ‘done a lot‘ while leaving some styles that are too complex and difficult on their bodies. The big question is on how to do the ‘not-done’ with great ease till they become a common practice. Well, the secret is to include the TRX Suspension Trainer in your yoga routine.

Why use Suspension Trainers with Yoga?

The TRX trainers can help you build strength and deepen your poses. It will also transform your regular yoga routine into something more challenging or more simpler with one step. For amateurs and beginner yogis, the TRX straps enable you to build up your balance until you feel strong and confident to perform a specific yoga pose without the straps.

Lets take Crow Pose for example. This is a simple pose but very challenging for most. For this pose you will need to place your hands on the floor and lift your legs off the ground and place your knees on the back of your elbows. You will need to balance using your arms and hands. This is definitely not a beginner pose and does require strength and good balance.

With the use of TRX suspension straps, you will be able to build yourself up to the Crow Pose with a series of progressions. Watch Under Armour trainer and TRX Yoga instructer, Shauna Harrison demonstrate how to effectively master the Crow Pose with straps.

Each progression is a variant that will help you build up your core strength. By doing this you will be able to perform this common yoga pose with ease and without any suspension trainer.

Backbends are an integral element of any yoga practice. You can use TRX suspension trainers to improve the foundation of your backbend which will make you confident in performing them on your own. Watch Shauna demonstrate 3 progressions that you can use to improve your backbends.

There are many other poses that you will be able to improve by incorporating your TRX into your routine. Not limited to specific poses, TRX for Yoga can be a whole new routine that will make it fun and interesting.

TRX has an excellent Yoga Workout for you called TRX Yoga Fusion. It is a 30 minute downloadable routine that will really give your daily yoga movements a new flow. It gives you another excellent use for your suspension trainer.

TRX Yoga Fusion WorkoutTRX Yoga Fusion

  • Improve your strength, mobility and all round movement
  • Downloadable
  • 30 minutes

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