Activities to Improve Your Muscular Strength

Would you love to improve your muscular strength?

Fine, it is a good intention.

Taking up some activities in your fitness routine, you can get an overall health benefit. These will help you lose the overweight of your body, keep you disease-free and make you healthy with a sturdy, slim body.

Here, with this article, I am gonna put forth some activities before you that will help improve your muscular strength as well as give you a healthy life.

The health build up activities are of broadly two categories- outdoor workouts and heavy indoor exercises.

Outdoor Workouts to Improve Your Muscular Strength

Before starting the vigorous indoor exercises, you have to get yourself prepared first. The outdoor workouts will make you physically fit and ready. At the same time, they will boost your confidence to move with the heavy exercises.

Among many outdoor fun activities, you can take up the followings for improving your muscular strength.

1)  Simple Running

Running is the most straightforward exercise. It is suitable for all age-group individuals. Among all the full-body workouts, running is the best one.

You can comfortably fit a running and jogging exercise in your fitness routine. Your body can easily attune with it. To gear this fun sport, you just need a pair of running shoes. Each morning, you can get up early in the morning and run alone or with your neighbors. With this workout, you can intake the fresh air as well as get a chance to socialize yourself with the neighbors. You can have fun with them also.

Running puts much pressure on your knees. So, you have to increase your speed and distance gradually so that your knees adapt with it softly.

Running a few kilometers routinely helps you to lose your extra body fat and increase your metabolic rate. Your digestion power will increase. Accordingly, your appetite will increase. You need to eat more and then you have to burn more with physical exercise.

The other benefits you can get from running are building bones and muscles, improving cardiovascular system and respiratory system. It helps much your brain and physiological health also.

You can burn 555 calories of your body for running an hour. Above all, running is the best prep step for improving your muscular strength.

2) Cycling for Distances

Yup, cycling works good enough to be at number two in our list. The perks of it are many to quote. Paddling your cycle basically takes less energy and keeps your stamina optimized for longer trips.

Cycling exercise mainly targets two of your body muscles to improve. These include; the front of thigh; quadriceps, and your rear of thigh; hamstrings. When you pedal your bike, these two muscles involve in a sequence of activity.

And, for your information, the quadriceps and hamstrings are the only part of your body muscle which take the most workload while you ride the wheels. More so, cycling helps improve other muscles such as; calf muscles, hip flexors, plantarflexors and dorsiflexors of your foot, and you butt AKA gluteus maximus.

Cycling also benefits you cardio health. You get to enjoy the natural breeze and celestial beauty of different trekking destinations. However, parking a bicycle and keeping thieves away from it can be next to impossible nowadays.

In cases like these, you may consider a foldable mountain bike for cycling as it tends to take less of your stamina and brain occupancy worrying about the security fact. Instead, you can easily fold it into your carry bag and take it to places without even noticed.

3) Running Up-Stairs

Running up-stairs is more vigorous and challenging than the usual running. Because, in upstairs running, you have to go against the gravitational force, put whole body weight on one leg only. At the same time, you have to keep a balance of your body. That’s why it is called ply metric motion. It causes sweating in your body, melts your body fat and burns vast calories.

Like other cardio exercises, it increases the strength of your muscles, lungs, and heart.

While you run upstairs, it causes you to use the muscle stabilizer like the gluteus medius. In regular running, you don’t use it.

Many physiologists consider climbing-upstairs as a stepping stone for running a 5K or a marathon.

You can burn 819 calories of your body through running upstairs for an hour.

As a result of running-upstairs, your body becomes much lean, slender but strong.

4) Cross-country Skiing

Cross-country Skiing is excellent for getting a renewed attitude towards life. It helps you improve your mood and gain zeal to actively restart the planned works for catching the positive sides of life. Taking the fresh air and eyeing the natural beauty while you are on a ski, you can relieve stress and depression.

However, its physical benefits are not ignorable at the least. It is a whole-body workout. All the limbs of your body get a massive jerking. You have to step forward and put your feet firmly putting on the snow-covered ground, while your eyes are busy to look at the trees around. Wherein, your feet are going back as the snow moves away under your feet.

So, it will appear as a problematic but charming situation to you.

For enjoying the charms of that time, you have to maintain a balance of your body. However, you will get the support of two sticks attached to your hands so that you don’t fall down. For avoiding that, you have to place the sticks on the ground properly in parallel of your feet and step forward slowly. Still, if you may fall down?

Don’t worry! Many hearty people are around you! They will come up and make you get up shortly.

If you go for a ski in a group of friends, then lots of fun you can make and enjoy the whole tour. So, cross-country skiing gives you a whole-body shaking. Consequently, it helps you to lose your body fat, excessive weight, burn lots of calories, strengthen your muscles and renders you a younger look.

Among other benefits, improving cardiovascular endurance and uplifting endurance are the most mentionable ones, you can get from skiing.

You can burn 850 calories of your body from one-hour skiing.

5) Kayaking

Ah! The gentle breeze at dawn!

Who doesn’t like to enjoy the air and freshness of nature in the morning? It is a bit challenging to get up in the morning. However, it is not that difficult at all, if you have true determination. For this, you have to go to sleep a bit early.

Kayaking in the morning in the glassy water of a nearby or river or a lake gives you whole body workouts. While you do kayak, the muscles of legs, arms, and shoulders move. When you push away water with the bars gripped with your hands, the kayak moves forward. It causes the muscles in your back and torso move. With this exercise, you can burn a vast amount of calories off your body.

Kayaking is greatly helpful for the functioning of your cardiovascular system. Regular kayaking makes the muscles of your body stronger, and you feel much energetic.

You can make kayaking with your Mrs. and the kids and make a lot of funs. Thus it renders you good health and a happy family life.

6) Yoga

Yoga is a physical exercise, but it works for your physical improvement as well as spiritual awaking. Actually, when enthusiasm and energy power you the much, you can work more vigorously than earlier. Yoga provides you with that fuel to go the extra mile for your life.

Yoga came into an exercise on the Indian-Subcontinent many years ago. Since then lots of people around the world are practicing this exercise.

Yoga has various styles like Ashtanga, Bikram, Ki yoga, etc. Every form of yoga has some poses like seated, lying, standing and upside down. While you perform yoga with these poses in a rhythmic way, aerobic movements occur in your legs, arms, upper boy and lower abdomen.

The main purpose of yoga is to increase your spiritual strength. For achieving a heightened spirit, you need to continue it for a pretty long time. But, you can get the physical benefits after a few days of starting.

After performing this work out on a regular basis, you can get much stamina in your mind. Additionally, the muscles of your body become much stronger, and you get vigor in your body. Thus, it makes you a ready for the more rigorous muscle strengthening workouts.

Indoor Workouts to Improve Your Muscular Strength

Already you have heard that the indoor instrumental workouts are bit challenging and strenuous for an individual. However, if you can get yourself enough trained with any of the above outdoor activities and you have groomed your body for a heavy physical exercise, then it won’t pose any challenge to you.

Still, only when you find yourself quite fit for an effective heavy workout, you will move for it, otherwise never. The reason is, without full fitness of your body for such an exercise, it may put an adverse effect on your body.

Amongst the indoor heavy instrumental workout, you can take up the following in your muscle strengthening regimen.

For such workout, you have to buy some pieces of equipment or for some, you may need to go a gym.

1)  Barbell Press

The Barbell is the king amongst the instruments of body-building. It is one of the big-4 heavy instrumental, physical exercises. With this workout, you have to take much load on your body. You have to lift a heavy-weight barbell. When you lift a barbell, its full weight falls on your arms, while you have to stay firmly on the ground.

So, huge pressure puts on your arms as well as your buttock, torso, and legs.

It consumes huge energy. Your whole body sweats; the muscles of your arms, legs, and chest will move heavily. After a few days, noticeable swelled muscles you can see on your body. Then you can feel, you are getting stronger than before.

Once you can easily take the load of the barbell and lift it up above head height, you become a successful weight-lifter.

2) Dumbbell-Row

The Dumbbell is called the queen of all heavy instruments of muscle strengthening exercise. For this exercise, you need a dumbbell of around 20 pounds (enough for an amateur) and a wooden bench. When you perform this exercise, your right-hand holds the dumbbell; the left- hand stays on the bench.

You have to position your knee of the left leg on the opposite side of the left arm while the feet will remain up from the ground. The right leg will stay as back footed. You will pull the dumbbell up and then lower it for 3 sets with 6-7 reps. The same case will be for left hand also.

Dumbbell row helps you to develop a stiff back. In addition, you can build the muscles of the core and the arms.

3) Push-up

Push-up is the simplest and the best among the exercises. It is a full-body exercise. While you do this work out, you put the palm of both hands on the ground while your feet also rest on the ground. When you pull your body up and down, the pressure of your body weight falls on the arms and the feet. Wherein, a balance you have to maintain among the feet, arms and the whole trunk.

A functional movement occurs in the pushing muscles of the upper body. The muscles on the chest, triceps, and the anterior deltoids move profoundly. You have to engage yourself for a motion in the core and the shoulder blades. After some days repetition you gain more strength in the muscles of your body.

4) Squat

The squat is one of the primary physical exercises. While you perform this workout, you stand on the feet, keeping your hips apart. You put the body weight slightly on the hills, while your hands will rest on the hips. Then you pull your Abs in, stand up tall and keep your shoulders in a square position with the lifted chest.

Then you have to sit back and get down. Then you lower yourself as much as you can, while you don’t lean your upper body.

From that position, you have to straighten your legs and stand up again. With this exercise, the muscles of your thighs and buttocks move. The fats in these areas melt. After few days of repletion, the muscles on those positions become stronger.

5) Hip-Extension

The buttock of your body contains a muscle group. It is one of the important muscle groups of the body, and it’s called glutes. The extension of your hip occurs when you take the Hip-Extension workout.

With this exercise, your shoulders will rest on the ground along with the head. You will keep your feet firmly set on the ground. You have to keep around six inches distance between your buttock and the feet. Keeping your body in this position, you will pull your hips up and then lower repeatedly. In this way, you have to complete three sets of eight reps.

With this workout, the muscles of the hamstrings, the core, and the hips move heavily and get stronger. After several days you can feel the hips much extended and stronger.

In conclusion, I would like to advise you that before taking heavy-weight exercises in your fitness routine, consider your physical fitness. If possible, consult an exercise physiologist. Be determined, you have to go for completion of any workout, not to stop in the middle.

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