What Works For Some May Not Work For Others


We all work differently and achieve different outcomes. Everyone has different body types, different types of metabolisms so when you see something that says “do this so you can get that” yes it is all fine and dandy but not everyone will be able to get the same results.

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A good friend of mine Jennifer is very fit and works out rigorously. Jennifer is always at the gym doing cross-training workouts 4 time per week. She has entered numerous Spartan races and has racked up quite a few medals over the past 5 years. Jennifer gets classed in the first starting group of her races when she participates and this is for those who post the best times and have participated for 5 years or more.


Although Jennifer is very fit, she does not look the part so to say. No matter how much she does workout, her muscle tone is far from where she would like it to be. Her eating habits are very strict as she sticks to a her daily dietary schedule. Eating 3 regular meals per day and 2 protein shakes in between. Jennifer’s meals are very good and low in carbohydrates. She seldom has cheat days as she is devoted in reaching her ideal body with great muscle tone and shape.


Even though Jennifer works out often and eats well, her metabolism may be on the slow side and is missing something essential to kick it into gear. Jennifer had tried every supplement under sun but to no avail. Nothing seemed to work for her. She never let it get the best of her and was very optimistic that her hard work and dedication would eventually pay off.


Last year I started to notice that it was bothering her somewhat. Her demeanor changed in that she did not show that optimism. Especially when seeing other ladies getting toned faster after a few weeks of training the same type of workouts and program that Jennifer had been doing for years and still doing to this day. I could tell that is was bothering her. All she wanted was to lose some inches to see her tone muscles. Which we all at the gym knew that she had under her skin.


It was not until a few months ago that I came across Lepitox Supplements. I had made it a mission to try and find some sort of solution to help my dear friend Jennifer out. After reading up countless reviews and watching videos of success women older than Jennifer were having with Lepitox Supplements.


Lepitox Supplements are mainly composed of herbs, with a spice or two, and a couple science-y sounding amino acids thrown in for good measure. These 22 ingredients work together to do 3 things: help the body detox, control the appetite and banish any food cravings. The daily dosage is 2 capsules taken once a day, and you’re supposed to take those 2 capsules 20-30 minutes before you eat. Before Leptitox I had no clue about how EDC’s—endocrine disrupting chemicals—disturb the way a body works, I didn’t even know they existed! (Which kind of made me wonder about why society doesn’t make a bigger deal of them… but anyway….)


After researching more I found that nothing had to change for Jennifer. Her workouts could be the same and she could stick to her diet schedule. No extra crazy workouts or ridiculous fasting. I told Jennifer about Lepitox and she was willing to try anything.


After a couple of weeks, Jennifer came to me quite frantically asking me if I notice anything different in her. I said no has she was in her usual sweat pants and t-shirt, the ones she always workouts out in. Jennifer told me that she had lost an inch off her waist. I said yeah right. She lifted her t-shirt to show of her midriff and for sure there was a change. Her skin did not look so soft anymore. Jennifer was glowing. She said that the supplements seems to be working and she was feeling great. I could see that her glow had returned and she was buzzing.


At a month Jennifer was on her way to achieving that ripped toned body that she had been chasing all these years. Her energy was phenomenal and she was always rearing to go. Since she has been taking her Lepitox Supplements, her food cravings were less and did not feel the need to wanting to eat while maintaining her energy levels. She was sleeping well and waking up with a new lease on life every morning.


After finding Lepitox for her I decided to jump on the band wagon too … lol.


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Why Do We Crave Sugary Food?


For many of us the sight of a freshly glazed doughnut can feel like falling in love and coming home to a pack of unopened cookies can feel like the adult version of Christmas morning. There’s something about sugar that hooks us and keeps reeling us in again and again. Whether we like it or not sugar has a major hold on us.


If you’re reading this it’s highly likely you understand, and have first-hand experience, of this allure. Sugar isn’t just confectionery, it’s compulsion; there is no such thing as stopping after “just one.” I mean, if one is good, more is better. At least that’s what it feels like with the sweet stuff.


We are given many reasons for our sugar cravings: pleasure-seeking brain circuits, intestinal parasites, mineral deficiencies, malnutrition, habitual behavior, unbalanced diets, too much salt, buried emotional issues, lack of sleep, stress…. and my favorite, lack of discipline. We are not at a loss for reasons for our addiction to sugar, yet knowing isn’t enough to change us or our behavior. If knowing was enough we would all be winning gold medals and gold stars in every area of our life. If anything, knowing just makes it feel worse… we know better so why aren’t we doing better? Knowing becomes just another reason for us to feel bad about ourselves.


The next step to knowing is to try and do something about it. We take matters into our own hands and attempt to turn our sugar-loving switch from on to off. This is not a painless process, and just when we feel we’re making ground something happens to throw us off and we’re on a mission to hunt down any sugar we can find and back at the start.


When we decide to target our sugar dependency, we attack the sugar itself, we clear the pantry, empty the house of all products and declare sugar the enemy. And this is fine… except it doesn’t work. When we create an action plan like this, we’re a few steps too far ahead and facing the wrong direction. We don’t address what’s really happening.


The key: target the true problem, not the side-effect of the problem. And sugar cravings are the side-effect, they’re the symptom of the real problem, and treating symptoms never makes the problem resolve. The only way to create true, long- standing change is to address the root cause…. otherwise you’re just wasting your time and prepping yourself for another future sugar-binge.


What is the root cause? Leptin resistance. One way to target leptin resistance is with a product called leptitox, a blend of 22 all natural ingredients which work with your body to reverse leptin resistance and it’s effects. When leptin resistance occurs in our body we have a malfunctioning system. This malfunction will produce troublesome symptoms. Not only does leptin resistance increase hunger but it creates cravings! That’s a recipe for disaster! Not only will you be hungry but you’ll be hankering after the worst foods imaginable…


We may have blamed everything else under the sun for our inability to stop reaching for the next cookie… everything but leptin resistance. If you want to see real movement and change you’ll need to target leptin resistance and do something to “fix” it.


Leptitox is just the way to address the growing problem of leptin resistance, since it has been created to target and address it. Leptitox is a blend of 22 carefully selected herbs, amino acids and vitamins with the ability to help your body address the real cause of leptin resistance. It will change everything you thought you knew about weight loss.


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What Is Leptin Resistance?


Before we saw the world as a globe spinning in the vast expanse of space we once believed it was flat and the sun revolved around us.


Before we knew the dangers of mercury—as a neurotoxin and overall health no-no—it was once considered the go-to treatment for a host of medical conditions, for everything from syphilis to parasites.


Before we had modern health-conscious cosmetics women would adorn themselves with lead-filled face paint and wash their skin with ammonia. They would slowly poison themselves but were convinced it was essential for true beauty.


The knowledge we have gained over the years has not come without a fair share of innocent misunderstandings, but thankfully, as we know more we are able to make more informed choices based on actual science, on truth, on what works. It is crucial we build our actions on a foundation of truth.


Our beliefs about weight loss have centered around constantly shifting paradigms. Throughout the decades we have blamed various things for our inability to lose weight and keep it off – high-fat foods, carbohydrates, calories, lack of motivation, genetics…. We have, in a way, been the people who thought the sun orbited us.


Deep down we may sense there’s another reason for our inability to control our appetite and our expanding waistline, but just don’t know what it is. If you look at the diet and health industry we have created you’ll see the answers we’re fed about the obesity epidemic. We are supplied new “answers” and “solutions” all the time, and so—full of hope—we try them, only to be disappointed when we end up back where we started.


What if I told you the health industry has got it all wrong?


What if I were to tell you that we actually have the solution for why you have gained weight and been unable to lose it?


Would you believe me?


If you’re anything like the people I’ve just described, the people who have trusted the “answers” and “solutions” in the past, probably not. You may be burnt out on hope…. Yet, you are reading these words so there must be some trace of hope left, and I want to work with that tiny bit of remaining hope to change your life. And I mean it.


We’re here to show you a new way, to point you in the direction of the actual cause of your weight gain. No more blaming the wrong thing, looking in the wrong direction, no more wasting your time.


The Real Cause


This new direction starts with something called leptin. Never heard of leptin before? You’re not the only one. This hormone is a lesser known player in our hormonal system (which is sad since it is responsible for so much within our body.) Did you know leptin helps regulate bone mass, the menstrual cycle, the synthesis of thyroid hormones, our appetite and metabolism? And this is just scratching the surface.


Leptin is known as the “obesity hormone” and the “fat hormone.” A pretty big clue for what it’s responsible for.


When our body operates faultlessly, as a well-oiled machine, leptin would be produced by your body’s fat cells and communicate with the hypothalamus (in our brain) via the bloodstream. The amount of leptin would determine whether the body stores fat or loses it, “a minor increase in leptin concentration reduces the appetite and leads to a decrease in body weight.”(1) This is how things are supposed to work: a high level of leptin in the body informs your brain that there is enough fat stored, you are not starving—you will survive – and so your appetite is switched off and you burn more fat. Similarly, if your body fat were to decrease, leptin should follow suit and diminish, signalling to your brain to stop burning fat—to store the fat you have—to increase your appetite and prompt you to eat.


This is how things are supposed to function. But what happens when something interrupts the balance which our body is meant to keep? That’s when leptin resistance occurs, and this leptin resistance is the reason for our fruitless (yet well-intentioned) attempts to take control of our health and body. Once you are leptin resistant you won’t lose the weight no matter how little you eat or how much exercise you do.


Thankfully, there is a way out. Your life doesn’t need to be ruled by leptin resistance, there is something you can do. Real results. Real science. No wishing for the best. And this is where we come in. If you’ve had enough of the endless trying and disappointment, if you’ve had enough of feeling like a prisoner in your body and a prisoner to food then a product called Leptitox may help. It is a ground-breaking supplement program that addresses the root cause and breaks the devastating cycle of weight gain once and for all.

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Here you will find answers, you will get relief, you will have a plan of action that works.

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