The Human Trainer Suspension Gym Review

The Human Trainer Suspension Gym is a complete suspension training system constructed of high quality materials. It is portable which means it can be setup and taken down within seconds so there is not need for any large and bulky equipment.

By using your own body weight, The Human Trainer gives you the exact resistance that you can handle at the time making your workout flexible for your training level. You will get a full-body, resistance and cardiovascular workout using this one unique system.

The beauty of The Human Trainer is that you are not restricted to just one location. You can take it with you anywhere you want. You create your own resistance by changing the angle of your body to the anchor point giving you unlimited options for various workouts.

Click here to see some suspension exercises that you can do on The Human Trainer.

Watch the Human Trainer Suspension Gym Review video below:

The Human Trainer Suspension Gym Includes:

  • the human system gym trainer reviewTravel Bag
  • Olympic Rings
  • Rotational Pulley
  • Versatility Anchors

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  1. What is your opinion on the Human Trainer compared to the TRX ones?

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