Suspension Exercises For Kids

As we all deal with the lockdown restrictions that have been put in place by various cities, we all have been taken out of our regular daily routine. Hopefully with all of us doing our part, the coronavirus pandemic will pass sooner rather than later.

One of the challenges that most parents are facing now is how to keep our kids active. We do not have access to gyms and parks, so kids are limited in getting their exercise in. If you have a backyard, that is a bonus because at least you have some safe space for your kids to burn some energy.

kids doing suspension trainingOne way to keep your kids active and exercising is with suspension training. No gym is required and neither is the need for weights and other training equipment and especially for those that live in a smaller place. All you need is a suspension strap set.

With the use of your own body weight, no weights are required eliminating unwanted pressure on young kids joints. I have 3 kids, a son aged 16 and 2 daughters aged 14 and 10. Both my daughters are competitive divers and they were training 3 days a week. Each training session involved core workouts as this is one of the fundamental pieces to being a successful diver.

Now that all sports have been stopped for obvious reasons, they do not get the same intensity as they were with their training…. but this is where suspension training is key! We have a circuit set up at home with suspension straps. They love the core workouts on the straps which allows them to focus on their abs and working on their pikes and tucks.

Suspension training is very effective for kids and I highly recommend getting them using suspension trainers. It will help them develop their core and stability as well as building up strength by using their own body weight. One thing you will notice is how creative they will become after a few weeks using the trainer. It has become a fun piece of equipment in our house.

My son focuses on strength training as he says he wants to look good for pool season this summer once the pandemic has passed (he is very optimistic 🙂 ). My daughters focus on core training so that hopefully they can get back to what they love.

If you need workout ideas, take a look at these 15 minute workouts that your kids can start with. They are simple to follow and cover upper and lower body. Another great source for suspension training is Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution. it has been my go to workout program for years and my kids use it to, grabbing different exercises from the various modules.

One of the greatest benefits of suspension training is that it is not stressful on your joints and you do get enough resistance to get into shape using your own body weight. The beauty about suspension exercises is that you are not restricted in any way. If you want more resistance, change your angle which intensifies the workout completely.

Suspension exercises for kids and Trx trainingWhile doing my workout, I thought that this could be very good for kids to stay active. The exercises are not harmful for them and their is no weights to worry about falling on their toes. I asked my 9 year old son if he wanted to join me while I workout. He was pretty ecstatic about working out with his dad and I felt pretty awesome about to because it would be great bonding time for us.

What is the best suspension exercises for kids?

Suspension Revolution is an excellent workout program created by TRX expert Dan Long. The program consists of 3 levels, beginner intermediate and advanced. I workout 3 times a week and my son joins in as we have set a time that is good for both of us which gives him a slight break from homework.

While I go through the various levels in my routine, I stick with the beginner level for my son and the exercises are easy for him to do and it also helps him understand the mechanics of the exercises and how it impacts the various muscle groups. It is an excellent way to learn about the body and strength while not exerting to much pressure on his young body.

Using suspension training as a workout with your kids has many advantages and benefits. You spend quality time doing something together which they really enjoy as you can see that they are proud to be doing this with you.

They also becoming a good time interval for you to keep your break in between your reps consistent.

Most important of all, it keeps them active and it is a great way to stay healthy instead of signing them up for every activity under the sun and you spend your day running around here and there.

If you would like more information about Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution, click the button below.

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