TRX X Mount Review :: This Makes Suspension Training More Effective

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The TRX X Mount is very handy and makes your suspension training a lot more effective. In this review, I will discuss why and where you can get your own.

What I love about suspension training is the flexibility of being able to attach it anywhere you want. You can take your workouts outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while you get fit.

The suspension straps are light weight and easy to carry so there is not problem with taking it with you in you bag.

I am sure that like me, you will be doing most of your suspension workouts at home. When I first started I anchored my straps to a door that closed towards me. It works well and did it this way for several months.

By using a door, you are limited somewhat in your range of motion because you have the door blocking any movement in that direction. Not an end all but working out this way does have its limitations once you get a few weeks under belt and feeling more stronger.

TRX X Mount Adds More Natural Movement

If you see TRX straps at the gym, the first thing you will notice is that the anchor point is a lot higher than the top of a door and this is what makes suspension exercises so effective. You range of motion is more natural and there is no adjusting for those exercises that you would need to do under the anchor point – mountain climbers, crunches, pike crunches, etc.

As I got more into my workouts and getting stronger, I wanted to up my intensity and got myself a TRX X Mount. Its easy to install as longs as you attached to a solid structure like a cross beam, structure beam or a concrete piece so that you do not have worry about getting knockout while doing bicep curls.

My workouts are more effective now that I have the x-mount and highly recommend that you get one for your straps. You do not have to have TRX brand straps to use with this X-Mount as any straps will attach to it perfectly.

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3 Comments on "TRX X Mount Review :: This Makes Suspension Training More Effective"

  1. This is definitely a must for your suspension trainer. Gives you better mobility than using the door. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I was always using the door for my anchor point but since I got the X-Mount, the workouts have been so much more effective. Better ranch of movement for all the exercises. Thanks Rob and highly recommend for others that are interested.

  3. Harrison Ande | March 31, 2017 at 7:35 pm | Reply

    Good addition for suspension straps. A lot more room to move and get the most out of the workout. I have the xmount anchored in my garage and its good.

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