TRX Workout Plan

What is the TRX workout plan?

Having a good TRX workout plan is a marvelous fitness strategy that can allow you to increase your physical fitness while you work-out on all your body muscles in a short span of time. Enjoy this exciting training that will allow you to suspend your body in different planes and thus strengthening the body for increasing its fitness. You will surely enjoy this workout.

This is something new, and it is better in the sense that it can help you to gain bodily fitness while enjoying your workout program.

TRX is gaining fame

Dan Long's trx workout planThere has been an increase in the popularity of TRX training. Different visitors from the gyms, spas and fitness centers have shown interest in this plan as it is a new one in the world of fitness, and the revolutionary equipment is also pretty attractive. TRX uses your own body weight as resistance and by adjusting the position of your body, you can change your the resistance level too.

Thus, this TRX workout plan is effective for anyone no matter your fitness level. Many top athletes have perceived that the TRX workout plan is positive and shows results. The trainers highly recommend the TRX workout plan, and you will find jam-packed TRX classes in many gyms. TRX or the suspension training is continually gaining a fitness craze because of its effective plans and steady outcome.

You can choose from hundreds of exercise options and the portable gear can allow you to perform the exercise anywhere. This makes suspension exercises highly recommended!

The TRX full body workout plan

Unlike the traditional exercises that are performed being isolated while just lying, sitting or standing, the TRX workout plan involves certain dynamic positions and functional moves that allow you to perform a full body workout and also develop endurance strength. There are certain intense moves in TRX training that involve abdominal muscles, chest, back, leg muscles and shoulders, hence a constant work of the whole body.

All the TRX exercises work on both the lower and upper body from multiple angles. Almost every muscle is targeted, and movement in real life is replicated. This means that TRX workout will be helpful in getting a better performance and bodily fitness while being less prone to injury apart from losing weight and attaining strengthened muscles. You need to maintain your balance because the straps are not stable. Each move related to the TRX workout is intense and needs to be done from the core. Thus stabilizing the smaller muscles.

TRX Workout Plan and Exercises

TRX workout plans for beginners

TRX workout involves some highly integrated movements where you can increase the endurance of your body by movement in many planes by following a simple training routine. There are different exercises, and you can modify their intensity by changing the body angles, stance or workout procedure.

Specifically speaking about the beginners, it is preferable to start with some smaller body angles. The workout intervals may be extended and rest intervals shortened as per the requirement of the cardiovascular system. There are different TRX workout procedures available to you from different fitness and TRX plans where they differ on the time for each cycle and the rounds involved in the procedure.

Just visit Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution TRX workout program and download the TRX workout plan pdf. Follow the plan strictly and enjoy exercising in this innovative manner so that you can enjoy while performing the workout and gain strengthened muscles.

TRX workout plans for weight loss

The TRX workout plan weight loss is also there which can be taken to shed the excessive fats from your body. When the muscles of your whole body will be targeted, and movement in different planes will be performed, the TRX suspension training will boost the metabolic rate to a great extent, and it thus will be significant in building up toned and lean muscle for your body.

In this video, Dan Long shows us new suspension exercises that you can add to your TRX Workout Plan. These exercises are intense but super at the same time. A great workout, check it out!

In order to get the best out of your suspension training is to have a great TRX workout plan that you are going to stick to and follow. This is the only way that you are going to get the results that you want.

In order to follow through with your workout routine is to stop searching online for exercises that you are going to try or do. You need to get a trx workout guide that have a set routine for you to do. Dan Long from the famous Tamba Bay gym – PowerHouse, has a program called Suspension Revolution that is really good to follow.

Dan Long The TRX Workout Expert

Dan is an expert in TRX and has trained navy seals, football stars and Hollywood stars to get and stay in shape. His suspension program is very well laid out and very easy to follow. The last thing you want to do is try and figure out what exercises you are going to do for each day.

Suspension Revolution has this all sorted for you. Dan groups the correct areas for you to workout and these do not last longer than 45 minutes.

There are beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. He also has finishers and other programs that you can add to your workout that is effective. The exercises are available in PDF format and videos demonstrating each TRX workout.

The only way to get the results is having the right workout and exercises. With Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution is like having him right in your living room with you. He will be your personal trainer for your suspension workouts.


Thus, TRX comes out to be the best and innovative manner of working out as it can help you in losing weight as well as gain stronger muscles by exercising in an enjoyable manner. This is the reason it has turned out to be a trendy workout plan.

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