TRX Certification Training Courses

If you are a personal trainer and want to expand your expertise and looking for a TRX Training Certification, read this article to learn what steps need to be taken to become a TRX professional. A world of opportunity awaits…

  • Earn CECs
  • Improve your earning potential
  • An abundance of employment opportunities


TRX Training is now offering a TRX Certification where you can become certified after completing the qualification courses and the virtual workshops. Once you are qualified you will have access to an exclusive network of like-minded pros and gain access to workouts, content, marketing tools, CECs career opportunities and so much more. You will need to become a member of the TRX Core program in order to obtain your certification.

Do not miss out on one the best trainer education courses in the industry. TRX education uses a movement-base framework that is applicable to any level, and and piece of equipment.

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TRX offers a Professional Training Education course that will teach you all the fundamentals about suspension training and the various levels that you can take in order to better your TRX knowledge. Most gyms do not hire any personal trainer that has not been certified by ACE, AFAA, NASM, ACSM, etc.

How to get your TRX Certification Training Courses

You can get your TRX certification courses online at the TRX Education Website. They offer virtual live courses as well as online courses that you can do at home. The virtual courses are done live and can be done anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You no longer need to search for a location near you in order to attend these qualification courses. The benefit of this is that can obtain your certification much quicker that before. Theses are done in 1 day and last about 7 hours to go through all the content with the TRX professional.

The online course allows you to access all the learning material and follow the course at your own pace and time. This is a condensed course that covers all you need to know about proper set up of the TRX trainer, proper technique and cueing. You will have 24/7 access to the content.

TRX Education has now been arranged into 3 categories: Qualification Courses, Workshop Series and Online Courses. Previously all the TRX education courses were only offered in the United States and Canada as they were done in person. This has been changed to a virtual edition which gives you the flexibility to take these courses from anywhere in the world. There are no more in person courses as you are no longer restricted by location.

It is simple to sign up and it is done instantly. Choose the type of course that you would like to attend virtually. Choose your time from the dates available, register an account if you do not have one yet on the TRX website and make your payment.

trx training certification

TRX Qualification Courses

There are 2 qualification courses now available at TRX.

  1. TRX Suspension Training Course (STC)
  2. TRX Yoga Foundations Course (YFC)

trx suspension training course (stc)1) TRX Suspension Training Course (STC)

Learn suspension training with this 1 day – 7 hour virtual course. You will learn how to properly set up your TRX equipment.

Properly perform a variety of suspension training exercises, adjust resistance and stability. Progress and regress exercises for all fitness levels and cue and correct common faults.


What you get

  • 7 hours of live virtual education
  • digital course manual
  • certificate of completion
  • up to 7 hours of continuing education credits (CeCs)
  • 30 day trial membership to TRC Core

> Virtual Course
> Online Course

trx yoga foundations course (yfc)2) TRX Yoga Foundations Course (YFC)

TRX Yoga is the ultimate fusion of fitness and power yoga made stronger with the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer. You will be equipped with the tools you need to mix up your current practice and offer a whole new training experience that your clients will enjoy and love.

Make advanced poses more accessible eliminating the fear of falling. Boost essential core strength and promote optimal alignment.

Learn TRX Yoga Foundations in a 7 hour live virtual setting.


What you get

  • 7 hour of live virtual education
  • Digital workshop handout
  • Certificate of completion
  • Up to 7 hours of continuing education credits (CECs)
  • 30 day trial membership to TRC Core

> Virtual Course

TRX Workshop Series

Specialize in the following live virtual workshop series. These 90 minute live virtual workshops can be done at your own pace through the TRX online courses. All you need is access to a computer or tablet and a suspension trainer.

  1. TRX for Golf Workshop (TGW)
  2. TRX Suspension Training Workshop (STW)
  3. TRX Kettlebell Workshop (KBW)
  4. TRX Rip Training Workshop (RTW)

trx-for-golf-workshop1) TRX for Golf Workshop (TGW)

If you are a golfer looking to improve your form and fitness or a fitness trainer that would like to add more clients, this workshop the basics of TRX for Golf in 90 minutes. By improving fitness with movement, strength and power, this course targets the golfer looking to improve their game.

This course is designed to focus on the main components of golf performance using a systematic approach to training. Form meets function.


What you get

  • 90 minutes of live / interactive training
  • Overview of golf performance considerations and training tips
  • Skills and drills to elevate training training yourself and your clients.
  • Science based program

> Online Course

trx advanced group training course near you2) TRX Suspension Training Workshop (STW)

Get the basics of TRX suspension training in only 90 minutes. This workshop is the short and sweet version of the 7 hour virtual course where you will the proper set up, over 30 movements and progressions as well as cues to correcting mistakes. All participants will be equipped with digital course material.


What you get

  • 90 minute live virtual workshop
  • Introduction to a new system of coaching and progression
  • A system for highly effective, consistent and scalable cueing
  • A deep dive into the full series of over 30 TRX suspension exercises
  • A method of preventing, recognizing and correcting common faults

> Online Course

trx-kettlebell-workshop3) TRX Kettlebell Workshop (KBW)

Learn the essentials of kettlebell training in only 90 minutes. You will be taught the proper skills, techniques, principles and exercise to start providing world class workouts for your clients.

Increase mobility, range of motion, strength with joints plus self-assessment drills to set your clients up for success and reach targets.


What you get

  • 90 minute live virtual, interactive course
  • Drills to maximize effectiveness
  • Understanding of applicable tension throughout the body and how to harness it
  • How to match breathing techniques with specific exercises
  • Ability to transfer skills to other physical activities

> Online Course

trx rip training course near you4) TRX Rip Training Workshop (RTW)

Learn how to teach Rip Training to a group. Learn how to scale your Rip workouts for all levels. Learn the fundamentals of Rip Training and how to implement it for your clients. Correct set up and how to properly use the TRX Rip Trainer.


What you get

  • 90 minute live virtual workshop
  • Rip trainer tips, tricks and pro set up recommendations
  • Pro skills and drills to elevate training yourself and your clients
  • Science based program design

> Online Course

Earn your CECs and become a TRX Trainer

When completing each level, you gain points which goes toward your TRX Core Rank. This improves your level of expertise and makes you more of a professional TRX trainer having higher credentials. You will also receive Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

If you are interested and have been thinking about getting your TRX Certification, this video gives a quick insight to what is involved. A great source for suspension exercises and training is Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution.

TRX Online Courses

TRX has now added digital courses that can be downloaded to your PC, laptop, MacBook, tablets and smart phones. It consists of:

  1. TRX Suspension Training Course :: $199.00
  2. TRX Virtual Training Course :: $119.00
  3. TRX for the Female Athlete :: $49.00
  4. TRX for the Prenatal Athlete :: $49.00
  5. TRX for Golf Specialization Course :: $119.00
  6. TRX For Yoga :: $119.95
  7. TRX Yoga Hip Openers Course :: $49.00
  8. TRX Yoga Inversions :: $49.00

trx for yoga digital courseTRX For Yoga

Leave your clients feeling confident, empowered and uplifted with TRX for Yoga. This digital course aims to advance your TRX Suspension Training knowledge and skill-set with yoga-inspired movements that emphasize mobility, stability and strength.

Upon Completion of this digital course you will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits and properly perform and instruct yoga sequences using the TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Challenge one’s practice with the assistance of the TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Lead full TRX Yoga Flow classes OR incorporate modules of TRX for Yoga into your existing yoga classes.


> Click here to download your Digital Yoga Course

trx suspension training basicsTRX Suspension Training Basics

With the digital courses, you set your own pace and schedule. The TRX Suspension Training Basics teaches you the basic skills and understand the fundamentals of Suspension Training and how to use the TRX suspension trainer with your clients.

This course includes detailed instructional videos and a handbook to follow that helps you gauge your understanding and get you ready for the final test.

You will learn how to:

  • Proper set up of the suspension trainer
  • Perform basic procedures correctly
  • Learn how to adjust the intensity of the trainer
  • Coaching a variety of workouts and exercise programs
  • Access to further TRX professional opportunities

You will receive access to instructional videos and instructions on how to download your material.

Once you have completed your course, you will receive and electronic version of your proof of completion which can be used to claim your CEC’s.

The TRX Core Membership is an ongoing monthly membership that provides you with continuing TRX Education and tools to advance your training levels. Videos will be accessible through your online TRX account called a locker. You will have access to many features and save 20% off all TRX products. A nice incentive indeed along with other bonus items!


> Click here to download your digital TRX Suspension training course

Reviews from TRX Customers

I use the TRX Suspension trainer with clients on a 1:1 basis, but I will be leading a regularly scheduled small group TRX Suspension class in the fall, and this course really helped me to refine my cueing skills and gain a much needed level of confidence to lead a small group through a workout. You get a lot of hands on practice to workout any kinks in your performance as the group leader. I am really glad I took this course and I highly recommend it to any one who has reservations about leading a TRX suspension class. You’ll walk away with a whole new perspective on your ability to lead the workout. – Zee Zee Matta

I was privileged to have Noah Rolland, Michael Piercy and Susane Pata, 3 excellent TRX trainers in one room for this workshop, it was great a non stop day of knowledge along with other excellent . personal and group trainers each TRX class i take makes me that much better at what i do and makes me come home and buy another con ed class. this class itself was so great and was totally unexpected the way it was laid out. Kudos to TRX. – Marc Carraro


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