The 3 Best TRX Stretches For Upper Body

Stretching is important for all workouts and training and we always often neglect this crucial part of our training either because we are pressed for time or never given any thought to the importance of stretching.

Did you know that adding a few minutes before and after your workout leads to less injuries? That’s right! If you are stretching frequently, you are less prone to those niggling injuries that disrupt your training and progress. This can lead to further damage to an existing injury if you do not stretch enough.

trx stretches for upper bodyTRX expert Dan Long has an excellent stretching routine in his Suspension Revolution program that builds your stabilizers and are fun to do. I must admit that I too, seldom did stretches, but since Dan keeps preaching how important it is and the benefits, I have added stretching to my suspension training routine. Dan has put together 3 stretches for your upper body, watch below:

3 Best TRX Upper Body Stretches Video

Perform these stretches for 20-40 seconds. Remember to start with light force,
then progress as needed.

  1. Upperback and Body Stretching that rocks.
  2. Shoulder Stretching with a Full Body Roll Out
  3. Chest Stretch with a Twist

The beauty of TRX is that it engages over 600 different muscles which is something that you cannot achieve with any other workout or training. Try these 3 best TRX stretches with your Suspension Revolution program and you will notice an incredible difference to your body’s well being and your flexibility. You will have less injuries and it just feels so good after a tough workout.

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